Executive Development Programme in Talent Management

Executive Development Programme in Talent Management



Management of talent in the workplace is a matter of central concern to all managers and not only to HR professionals. Therefore, all managers, irrespective of their functional areas, are called on to solve problems that involve significant talent management issues. Basic knowledge and a better understanding of talent Management would help them in solving such types of problems. This program aims at imparting knowledge of Talent Management and Employee Relations.



  • Succession and Career Planning

  • Certificate of Successful Completion from XLRI

  • Campus Immersion Module

  • Mastering Talent Management

  • Developmental Network Perspective



Module 1 - Talent Management : Concept and Framework

  • Introduction

  • Defining Talent

  • Talent Management: Conceptual Approaches and Practical Challenges

  • Historical Context of Talent Management


Module 2 - Talent Acquisition   

  • Attracting Talent: Employer Branding

  • Recruiting Talent  

  • ·Selecting Talent

  1. Initial Assessment Methods

  2. Psychometric Testing

  3. Structured Interviews

  4. Selection Decision Making Models


Module 3 – Talent Development  

  • Designing and Implementing Talent Development Programs

  1. ADDIE Model

  2. Six Disciplines Model

  • Transferring learning and evaluating results

  1. Kirkpatrick’s Model

  2. ROI Process Model

  3. Success Case Method

  • Learning from others

  1. Coaching

  2. Mentoring

  3. Developmental Network Perspective

  4. Succession and Career Planning


Module 4 – Motivating Talent

  • Understanding Self

  • Understanding Others

  • Understanding Motivation Theories


Module 5 – Rewarding Talent

  • Introduction to Talent Management and Rewards

  • Organizational Strategy and Talent Management and Rewards

  • Pay Philosophy and Pay Mix

  • Pay Design


Module 6 - Managing Performance

  • Performance Management and Talent

  • Pay for Performance


Module 7 – Retaining Talent


Module 8 – Engaging Talent


Module 9 – HR Metrics and Talent Analytics


On-Campus Component

This program includes 5 days of on-campus immersion, the dates for which the dates shall be informed to the participants at least one month in advance. Attendance to the On-Campus module is MANDATORY for all participants. The on-campus modules are subjected to the conditions that prevail at the point in time.

In the event that conditions and circumstances do not permit such in-person sessions due to the COVID-19 situation or any such similar circumstances, the sessions planned for the campus component shall be completed online which may lead to an extension of the program duration.



Program Fee- 1,50,000/- + GST


Fees in INR

   Fees in USD    

Payment Due Date

  Instalment 1   

    Rs.30000 + GST   

    USD 620

    On or before Registration Date       

  Instalment 2

    Rs.30000 + GST  

    USD 620

    On or before 07 February 2024

  Instalment 3

    Rs.45000 + GST

    USD 930

       On or before 20 April 2024

  Instalment 4

    Rs.45000 + GST

    USD 930

       On or before 05 July 2024

About the University / Institute

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