Online MBA (2 Year) by DY Patil University

Online MBA (2 Year) by DY Patil University

The Master of Business Administration, commonly known as the MBA degree, has surfaced as the most sought-after master's or postgraduate degree program in the world. It's meant to make people future-ready with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to emerge successful in a hectic, fast-paced and highly volatile, and competitive business atmosphere. Thanks to DY Patil Vidyapeeth’s online MBA program, more people now stand a chance of gaining the right skills and knowledge needed to rise and shine in the corporate world.

The MBA programs offered by the university are approved by UGC and delivered by online mode wherein learners can have a hassle-free experience of gaining a post-graduation management degree. Upskill and empower yourself with DPU-COL’s Online MBA program. With this MBA degree, one would gain insights into the current trends, practices, and strategies across different domains and industries.

DPU-COL provides online MBA in different specializations to ensure the program caters to the candidates from different domains and eyeing different domains. Given the online format, these MBA programs can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Learning Methodology

Engaging learning pedagogy

To ensure maximum learning outcomes, the content is designed in a way to ensure that the learner's interest does not fizzle out. The course material is designed by industry experts. Interactive learning is solely meant to keep the learner engaged through the virtual lectures.

Recorded lectures from imminent faculty and seasoned industry experts

The recorded lectures constitute a good virtual learning experience, as these facilitate learning anywhere at any time.

Industry-oriented webinars

DPU-COL provides regular interactions with industry experts. This helps learners in getting hindsights into the challenges facing the industry. The programs are mostly pursued by working professionals looking for career enhancement through upskilling. 


The DY Patil University online MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) assists one in growing the success of one’s company or organization. The central focus is on current and emerging HRM best practices, as well as learning from a foundation of core business courses. One would acquire HR skills that can be applied to real-life business challenges. Plus, one can use a strategy that aligns accurately and ethically with a company’s business objectives.

Earning an MBA in Human Resource Management can launch successful careers in a variety of industries ranging from educational institutions to corporate, industries and Multinational corporations as Compensation Manager, Manager of Employee Relations, HR Generalist, Technical Recruiter, Director of Staff, Placement Manager, Training and Relations Manager, Organisational Consultant and more.

Educational institutions offer this degree worldwide. On-site and online programs offer flexibility and convenience for working professionals.


  • Potential to boost one’s earning and career potential.

  • Convenience and flexibility for taking No disruption to one’s professional life programs and examinations.

  • Opportunity for educational advancement on one’s own schedule and at one’s own pace.

  • Application of the theoretical knowledge from one’s program.

  • Possibility to advance education and career 

  • Tailor-made education and application of theoretical knowledge in one's profession.

  • Continuous monitoring and mentoring by faculties. 

  • Peer interaction brings a diverse range of skills and professions.

  • Live classroom and webinar sessions through the university virtual learning environment.

Program Outcomes

One will develop the attributes and skills expected of post-graduates confirmed by partner industry bodies including the Chartered Management Institute and the Confederation of British Industry, including team-working, negotiation skills, leadership, confidence, and the ability to apply critical and creative thinking to complex and unclear problems to develop innovative solutions.


The post-graduate degree program, MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) is spread across 2 years. The detailed program structure is as follows


  • Organizational Behaviour

  • Principle of Accounting

  • Managerial Economics

  • Principles of Management

  • Quantitative Techniques

Elective Any One

  • Global Business Environment

  • Business Law & Corporate Governance

  • Business Communication


  • Human Resource Management - I

  • Strategic Management

  • Financial Management - I

  • Principles of Marketing - I

  • Production & Operation Management

Elective Any One

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Management Information System

  • Sales Management


  • International Business

  • Research Methodology

  • Project Management  

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials

  • Cost & Management Accounting

  • Project Work - Part 1

Elective Any One

  • Digital Marketing? By edX (Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce-Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)

  • Operation Research-By edX (Operations Research: an Active Learning Approach-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)


  • Human Resources Management - II

  • Training & Development

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Relation, Labour Law & Compensation

  • International HRM

  • Managing Individuals in Organisations (option of EdEx-Managing People from a Global Perspective Arizona State University)

  • Project Work - Part 2 Final Submission


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Program duration (years)



Program fee per year




About the Institute/University

D. Y. Patil Deemed to be a university, is renowned for its academic excellence and innovative teaching methodology. Education and learning imparted here are world-class, coupled with excellent infrastructural facilities. The renowned philanthropist educationalist Dr. D. Y. Patil has contributed significantly to expanding and raising the level of education and healthcare in India. A truly world-class educational institution with a solid state-of-the-art infrastructure, D .Y. Patil University stands to be one of the best in the country.

The University has a curriculum designed by experts that can prepare students for leadership roles in society. The principal objective of the courses offered here is to provide a solid foundation for the student`s future, keeping in mind the constantly growing needs and challenges of the industry and society. The programs offered here, are not just a static set of directives for the present, but a dynamic framework of analytical skills and intellectual tools that will be as valuable twenty years hence, as they are, immediately after graduation