Executive Development Programme in Driving Growth – The CXO Programme

Executive Development Programme in Driving Growth – The CXO Programme


The 21st century has ushered in an era of unprecedented economic and industrial volatility and rapid transformation. Conventional business practices are being rigorously scrutinized and confronted by emerging business models and nascent industries, all evolving at an unprecedented pace. In this swiftly changing business landscape, characterized by competitive pressures and constant evolution, CEOs, owners, and senior managers face a significant challenge: the capacity to effectively manage and sustain business growth. The structure of this program has been meticulously designed to address the pressing challenges confronting businesses, particularly MSMEs and contemporary enterprises, in attaining and maintaining growth within the dynamic framework of the Indian economy.

Upon the successful culmination of this program, participants should be equipped to:

  • Establish Effective, Value-Centric Organizations.

  • Cultivate Proficiency in Tools and Frameworks for devising and executing winning strategies that foster growth and competitiveness.

  • Gain a nuanced understanding of Leadership and Team Leadership dynamics.

  • Grasp the challenges and opportunities inherent in Digital Business Models.

  • Foster a Holistic Approach to Management functions and roles.

  • Tackle critical pain points in organizational management.

  • Cultivate Critical Thinking and Decision-Making skills to resolve organizational challenges.

  • Enhance comprehension of the Financial Implications stemming from business decisions.


  • Make Effective Decisions
  • Get Practical Guidance
  • Learn from the best 
  • Advanced Pedagogy
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Certificate of Successful Completion from XLRI 
  • Campus Immersion Model
  • Make Effective Decisions 



Module 1 - Leadership 

  • Leadership – Setting the Context 
  • Leadership Styles & Inspiring Moral Commitment towards common goals 
  • Managing Team Dynamics & Communication 
  • Power & Exercise of Influence in Organizations 
  • Understanding & Managing Personal Networks 


Module 2 - Connecting the Dots – Digital Business & Technology 

  • Understanding the role of New Technologies in the Digital Economy 
  • IT Investment & Portfolio Management 
  • IT Governance & Leadership 
  • Creating the Digital Journey Map 
  • Crafting & Managing Digital Business Models 


Module 3 – Business Strategy 

  • Strategy & External Environment Linkages 
  • Value Chains & Industry Attractiveness 
  • Capability Building & Sustainable Competitive Advantage 
  • Competitive Strategies 
  • Organizational Lifecycle & Growth Strategies 
  • Controlling & Implementing Strategy 
  • Strategic Choices for Multi-Business Organizations 


Module 4 - Critical Thinking and Decision Making 

  • Creative Problem Solving for Decision Making
  • Unravelling Mental Models for Critical Thinking 
  • Identifying and Appreciating Behavioural Biases in Decision Making 


Module 5 - Finance, Risk, and Business Models 

  • Understanding Financial Performance & Growth Drivers of Organizations 
  • Managing Working Capital & Working Capital Funding 
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis for Business Decisions 
  • Legal Structure of Organizations & Compliances for Financial Decision Making 
  • Risk Assessment & Management 
  • Preparing & Evaluating Business Plans 
  • Preparing an Investor Pitch for Funding 


Module 6 - Managing Stakeholders & Organizational Change 

  • Managing & Prioritizing Stakeholder Relations 
  • Critical Success Factors in Managing Stakeholders 
  • Change Management Frameworks & Drivers of Successful Change 
  • Navigating Crises in Organizations 


Module 7 - Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy 

  • Customer Value & Customer Journey Mapping 
  • Developing New Products & Services 
  • Developing & Evaluating Marketing Plans 
  • Developing a GTM Strategy 
  • Selling in the Digital Era  


Module 8 – Operational Excellence 

  • Managing Processes & Quality 
  • Challenges in Managing Supply Chains & Inventory 
  • Managing Internal Projects Efficiently 



Program Fee - INR 2,75,000 + Tax / USD 5500  

An additional charge of ~INR 4,000 + GST per day is payable towards lodging and boarding charges at XLRI, Jamshedpur campus for the 6 days On-Campus immersion session. 

Instalment              Fees in INR                               Fees in USD                 Payment Due Date                            
Instalment 1 Rs.45000 + GST USD 900 At the time of Registration
Instalment 2 Rs.55000 + GST USD 1100 On or before 01 February 2024
Instalment 3 Rs.60000 + GST USD 1200 On or before 05 May 2024
Instalment 4 Rs.60000 + GST USD 1200 On or before 15 July 2024
Instalment 5 Rs.55000 + GST USD 1100 On or before 05 October 2024



About the Institute/University

XLRI, the oldest B-school in India, was founded in 1949 by a few visionary Jesuit Fathers to bring a change in the economy and society at large. The institute always strives to be a management school with a difference. Pursuit of academic excellence and fostering whole-person integral growth of students has been the hallmark of XLRI for over six decades.