Executive MBA (2 Year Program) by SGVU

Executive MBA (2 Year Program) by SGVU


The entrance of Multinational Companies in the domestic department has increased the requirement for professionals in the management sector. The significant aspect of introducing the MBA program is to provide trained and employable professionals to the industry as necessary. The courses are based on the present-day requirement of specialized management professionals at various levels in the organization

The key objective of the department is to prepare the post-graduate management students as young professionals, who are equipped with the latest knowledge and technology required in the current market scenario. The other objective includes making these budding managers more employable as per the industry demands.


  • Custom Designed: Specially designed to meet specific academic and professional needs of working professionals. The latest methodologies and techniques are being adopted as per the requirement of the industry.

  • Contemporary Curriculum: Drafted in consultation with national and international universities, the curriculum consists of aspects of national as well as global relevance. Regularly updated curriculum as per the international standards

  • Immersive and Experiential Learning: Practice-based learning through case studies, presentations, seminars, and workshops. More scope for presentations, seminars, and workshops to make the students aware of the latest terminology.

  • Flexible Hours:  Professionals have the flexibility to plan their study hours and move at a pace most suited to their time availability.






Contemporary Management

Contemporary Marketing

Research Methodology


Economics for Business

Contemporary Finance

Digital Marketing


Contemporary Accounting

Contemporary HR

Financial Decision-Making


Fundamental Python

Contemporary MIS

Contemporary E-Business


Contemporary Communication Negotiations

Contemporary Quality

Business Strategies


Ethics and Corporate Governance

AI & ML for Business

Project Management




  • Admission Form Fee/ Application Fee (One Time): INR 500/- (One Time) 

  • Annual Fee (Payable every year): INR 70,000

  • Program Fee (Lumpsum for 2 years): INR 1,40,000/-

About the Institute/University

Suresh Gyan Vihar University became the first and only state-private university in Rajasthan to be awarded NAAC “A” grade. NAAC council is the foremost agency of quality assurance devised by the Government of India and the “A” grade is a sign of ethics, quality, and innovation to the utmost level. Most importantly, the university has 23 Years of legacy of providing quality education.