Top 9 IIM Executive Courses for you to upskill

Top 9 IIM Executive Courses for you to upskill

Career advancement is very important for achieving long-term professional and personal goals. People at all levels are trying to move up in their careers, and this needs them to be capable of handling higher responsibilities. Most employees don't possess the latest skills when they join a company. Moreover, as technology improves and the way business is done changes, there is a need to learn new skills. It is here that IIM executive courses play a major role. They provide the best way to learn new skills needed for growth in one's career. 

The Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM is an excellent course for employees to learn new skills that will help them become better HR professionals. More details about this course are available on our website. 

Benefits Of Career Advancement

We have seen that learning new skills aims for career advancement. But what do people gain from moving forward in their jobs? In what way does it affect their personal lives?

1. Financial Stability

Everyone seeks to ensure that they have enough money for their needs after they have retired from work. People must live many more years even after they have stopped working and must take care of all their and their families needs. Medical needs increase as people age, which will require a lot of money. Through career advancement, people can earn more salary. It helps them keep aside money for the future. People learn new skills by attending IIM executive courses to get promoted to higher posts. 

2. Professional Growth

Everyone wants to achieve the highest possible position in their profession. It applies to both employed people and business owners. But they can achieve the top only if they keep moving up the corporate ladder regularly. A person can move to the top only step by step. Taking up higher responsibilities at each step makes them better and more capable of taking up top management positions. IIM executive courses help these professionals learn new skills that are needed for career advancement. It helps them achieve their professional goals and do their work successfully.

3. Job Satisfaction

One of the main reasons for people leaving their jobs is found to be a lack of job satisfaction. Employees will be happy with their jobs only if they receive periodical promotions and salary hikes. Promotions help them show their calibre by overcoming new challenges. A job without challenges will soon become boring, and employees will become dissatisfied. But companies can promote workers only if they possess the necessary skills for the job. The best way to acquire the latest skills is to attend IIM executive courses most suitable for your field. It is the means to achieving higher positions. 

4. Recognition From Colleagues

Everyone seeks recognition from their colleagues. Nobody wants to be considered underperforming at work. Career advancement is proof that a person has worked well and possesses the capabilities to handle higher positions. It will certainly earn recognition from colleagues who are also looking to move to the next position. People working under you will also get inspired by your promotion. They will also start putting more effort into getting promoted. IIM executive courses equip you with the latest skills that will help you handle higher responsibilities successfully. 

5. Respect In Society

Everyone needs respect from people in society. It is also necessary that your family treats you with respect. One of the ways to earn respect is to show your professional calibre. Everyone respects those who are successful in their profession. Whether it is in your company or your own business, you must continue to do well. It is the way to earn respect in society. You can also become more respectful to your family as you earn more and satisfy all their needs. When you attend IIM executive courses, you become competent to take up higher positions.

How Do Companies Benefit From Promoting Their Employees?



Career advancement doesn't just benefit employees. Organisations also benefit from promoting their employees. Let us look at how companies gain from moving their workers to the next level. 

1. Employee Retention

Ask any HR manager, and you will understand that one of the toughest jobs is to retain good employees. With excellent economic growth in the country, good workers are finding more opportunities with higher positions and salaries. One of the top reasons for employees leaving a firm is the absence of career growth. When employees feel there is no scope for promotion, they tend to look elsewhere for a job. Training them with IIM executive courses and promoting them is the best way for companies to retain their good employees. It saves them money and earns a good reputation. 

2. Improved Performance

Employees perform well only if they are motivated. The best motivation that an organisation can give its employees is to promote them. When employees are promoted, they understand that there is scope for career growth and achievement of professional goals in the firm. This motivates them to work harder and improve their productivity. It helps the company achieve its objectives faster. Promoting someone also motivates others to perform better. The company sees an overall improvement in performance and productivity. Employees who have acquired skills by attending IIM executive courses get an opportunity to use their new skills and show their capabilities. 

3. Cost Savings

Promoting employees involves additional expenses as they must pay more when moving workers to a higher position. But it is a much smaller expense when compared to the money and effort companies have to make for recruiting new people. It can also slow down the working of the company as the new employee spends some time understanding the work and achieving full performance. Such a delay can result in a reduction in revenue earnings. If the company trains staff members in IIM executive courses, it can promote them and avoid hiring new people for those pots.  

4. Reduce Risks

There are various risks in appointing someone new to the company, especially at a managerial level. You can never assess a person completely with a resume and interview. It means that you are introducing an unknown entity into the company, and there can be various consequences because of this. New employees may not be as efficient as you thought. This can result in reduced productivity. Another risk is that new managers may not be suitable for the company culture, and those working under them may show dissatisfaction. It is better to train existing employees in IIM executive courses and promote them to higher positions. 

5. Improved Reputation As An Employer

Companies must earn a reputation as good employers if they want to attract the best talents in the market. When the firm promotes its employees when they achieve the required capability, people from outside see that performance is appreciated and rewarded. It motivates the best people in the market to apply for jobs in the company. Customers also look at how a company treats its employees. If they know that people are not happy in the organisation, they are likely to avoid buying things from that firm. Promoting employees on time earns a good reputation and attracts more clients. 

One of the requirements for companies to promote their employees is that they possess the necessary skills. Many online courses help people acquire valuable skills without taking a break from their work. The Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM is one such course that is offered online for those aspiring for an HR manager job. You can learn more about this course on our website. 

The Benefits Of Attending Executive Courses

1. Acquire Leadership Qualities

Leadership qualities are highly valued by companies. It is especially true in the case of managers. Such qualities help them improve the productivity of the team. While managers can get work done by their team members, leaders can inspire them to come up with innovative solutions. Good leaders can also motivate employees to do more than what is required of them. Those with leadership qualities can also anticipate risks and take measures to overcome them without much impact on the company. It is easy to gain leadership skills by attending IIM executive courses where leadership is a main topic. 

2. Learn New Skills

Executive courses are specially meant to teach new skills to their participants. As technology improves, companies are using new business methods to progress and achieve their objectives. Advancement in technology is happening quite fast, and this requires employees to also acquire new skills that will enable them to use these new methods. Attending IIM executive courses helps you learn these new skills. The highly qualified and experienced faculty at these courses also impart the latest information about the changes happening in businesses around the globe. Such knowledge is helpful for people to handle their jobs more efficiently and quickly. 

3. Networking Opportunities

All managers and executives need to have a wide network of professionals. It can be those in their industry or from other industries. The wider the network, the more you will benefit from such connections. Having connections with people outside your market helps you find new markets for your products. They can also help you find new suppliers who may offer you a better and more economical product. Interacting with such people will also help you know about the latest business trends in various regions of the world. You can also find new job opportunities from these people. 

4. Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is crucial for all jobs. It is more important when you are occupying a managerial or executive position. You need to communicate with people at different levels, and this requires you to be a highly skilled communicator. Attending IIM executive courses will make you proficient in this skill as these programmes give much importance to teaching that skill. Having this capability will help you explain job descriptions to team members. There will be no misunderstanding on their part. Good communication skills also enable you to prepare detailed reports about the progress of your work.

5. Better Decision-Making Capabilities

As a manager, you are expected to make various decisions as part of your job. These are highly critical as they can affect the performance of your team and the company. A wrong decision can have long-term effects on the organisation's performance. It means that every decision of yours must be made with much care. IIM executive courses teach its participants the skill of analysing data and finding insights that help make better decisions. There will also be a lot of case studies in these courses that help you know what others have done in various situations. 

6. Become More Confident

Successful completion of executive courses makes you more confident. As you become experts in the latest skills, you become confident in doing your work successfully. You are more confident as a leader, and this encourages your team members to trust you. When they trust you, it is easy to get them to do what you want. Being confident also helps you talk to customers boldly and make them trust your words. It results in more sales and loyal customers. IIM executives courses equip you with skills and knowledge that will instil confidence in you. 

7. Gain Employer Trust

Your employer needs to trust you. Only if they have confidence in you will they think of promoting you or handing over more responsibilities to you. One way to earn their trust is to show them your commitment to continuous learning even while working. Companies like to see their employees continue to acquire new skills and become more capable of undertaking higher responsibilities. They will appreciate your efforts to contribute more to the company's growth. When you attend IIM executive courses to acquire more knowledge, your employers will reward you for your efforts with promotions. 

8. Career Advancement

When you learn new skills from executive courses, you can communicate your willingness to take up more responsibilities. Companies appreciate employees who come forward to do more tasks than are expected of their position. Such employees will be rewarded when the time comes. All organisations will prefer to promote a person who has made an effort to learn the latest skills. It gives you an edge over others when it comes to promotions. Attending IIM executive courses is a sure way to ensure career advancement, either in your existing firm or in a new organisation. 

You can get all the above benefits by attending the Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM offered by IIM Raipur. More details about this course are available on our website. 

Top Executive Courses From IIM 

1. Executive Programme In Business Analytics - IIM Calcutta

Key Highlights

  • Learn excellent executive education in the field of business executives

  • Helps leaders improve their managerial and leadership qualities

  • Ideal for those looking for a career in business analytics

  • Learn advanced topics in analytics, big data and cloud computing

  • Become proficient in predictive modelling

  • Successful candidates get certificate and alumni status from IIMC

Duration - One year

Course Delivery - Live classes from 9 am to 12 pm on all Sundays. Two campus modules of a total of 8 days are also included. 

Eligibility Criteria - Graduation with two years of working experience. The participant must be employed during admission. The selection process is done by IIM Calcutta. 

2. Executive Programme In Growth Strategies For Business Leaders - IIM Calcutta

Key Highlights

  • Certification from the third-best B-school in India

  • The 12-month programme designed by IIM faculty

  • Learn the latest skills and knowledge about business strategies

  • Enjoy two sessions of campus modules of four and three days each

  • Get alumni status from the prestigious IIM Calcutta

  • An ideal course for business leaders and entrepreneurs

  • Earn practical knowledge with case studies and assignments

Duration  - One year

Course Delivery  - Live classes on all Fridays from 6.45 pm to 9.45 pm. Two sessions of four and three days at the IIMC campus.

Eligibility Criteria - Graduates with a minimum of ten years' work experience. Participants must be employed during admission. 

3. Executive Programme In Digital And Social Media Marketing - IIM Calcutta

Key Highlights

  • Gain in-depth knowledge in digital and social media marketing

  • Early and middle professionals in branding, marketing and sales can gain strategic skills

  • Learn to acquire customers using digital marketing methods

  • Interactive classes by experienced and qualified faculty

  • Case studies help to learn about practical situations

  • Complete a compulsory project on a topic of your choice

Duration  - Nine months

Course Delivery - Online classes on Saturdays between 12.15 and 3.15 pm and Wednesdays between 6.45 and 9.45 pm. Two campus modules of four days each. 

Eligibility Criteria - Graduates with two years of experience in relevant fields.

4. Chief Executive Officer Programme - IIM Lucknow

Key Highlights

  • Learn from the best faculty in the number four B-school in India

  • Execute capstone project with IIM faculty guidance

  • Peer-to-peer learning during the live online sessions

  • The recorded video will be available for two weeks after the live sessions

  • Gain the IIM Lucknow executive education alumni status

  • Gain practical knowledge in sessions with industry experts

Duration - Ten months

Course Delivery - Live online sessions on Sundays from 6.45 pm to 9.45 pm. Enjoy a live campus experience in the four-day campus immersion session. 

Eligibility Criteria - Graduates with ten years of working experience,

5. Executive Programme In Sales And Marketing - IIM Calcutta

Key Highlights

  • Teaches modern sales challenges and solutions

  • Learn customer and marketing orientation in present conditions

  • Learn to manage sales and marketing teams

  • Ideal for young professionals aiming at a career in sales and marketing

  • Teaching methods include case studies, quizzes, assignments and lectures

  • Get IIM certificate and alumni status

Duration - One year

Course Delivery  - Live online classes on Thursdays between 6.45 pm and 9.45 pm and Saturdays from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Four days of a campus visit is compulsory. 

Eligibility Criteria - Graduate with a 50% aggregate mark and two years of working experience. 

6. Executive Programme In Strategic Management - IIM Lucknow

Key Highlights

  • Acquire skills to get a competitive advantage in a dynamic market

  • Ideal for middle and senior managers looking to move to leadership positions

  • Get a certificate from a top B-school

  • Become a prestigious IIM alumnus

Duration - Seven Months

Course Delivery - Live sessions on every Saturday between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm.

Eligibility Criteria  - Graduates with a minimum of five years of working experience.

7. Executive Programme In Leadership And Management - IIM Calcutta

Key Highlights

  • Equip managers to overcome technological and ecological disruptions

  • Teaching managers to anticipate risks and uncertainties

  • Learn skills and tools for strategic communication

  • Earn a certificate and alumni status from IIM Calcutta

Duration  - One year

Course Delivery  - Live online classes on Saturdays from 3.30 to 6.30 pm. Two campus sessions of six and four days.

Eligibility Criteria - Graduates with a minimum of ten years experience and still working. 

8. Executive Programme In Applied Finance - IIM Calcutta

Key Highlights

  • Gain cutting-edge knowledge of finance from experts

  • Become a financial expert and become a corporate or banking executive

  • Case studies, live discussions and corporate examples taught

  • Earn certificate and alumni status from IIMC

Duration - One year

Course Delivery  - Live online classes on Wednesdays from 6.45 to 9.45 pm. Two sessions of three and four days at the IIMC campus.

Eligibility Criteria - Graduates with two years of working experience.

9. Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM - IIM Raipur

Key Highlights

  • Masterclasses by CHROs and experienced HR practitioners

  • Learn from the experienced faculty of IIM Raipur

  • Get personalised career guidance from experts

  • Earn a certificate and alumni status from IIM Raipur

Duration  - Two years

Course Delivery - Blended mode on weekdays and weekends

Eligibility Criteria - Graduates with three years of working experience

All the IIM executive courses are ideal for working professionals to learn the latest skills needed for the changing work environment. You can find details of the courses on our website. 

Summing Up

Acquiring new skills is unavoidable in the present dynamic business environment. As technology moves fast, one must acquire the capabilities to exploit them for the benefit of the company or business. Numerous online courses are offered to teach all the latest skills. But one must choose the right course from reputed institutions for quick career advancement. Earning a certificate from a prestigious management institution will make you more preferred by employers around the globe.

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