Top 5 Online Executive MBA to choose from

Top 5 Online Executive MBA to choose from

Are you looking for courses that can give a boost to your career? Are you a manager stuck in the same position for a long time? Do you need to gain the skills to go up the corporate ladder? If your answer yes to these questions, you must quickly join an online executive MBA course offered by reputed institutions. But you don't have to do it just because we say it. We can give enough reasons for you to join the course. There are numerous benefits to attending a management course online.

The Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM from IIM Raipur is one such excellent course that can give a much-needed boost to your career. You can learn more about this course on our website. 

Why Attend An Executive MBA Course?

Better Career Opportunities

Everyone attends a course to move forward in their careers. In that regard, the online executive MBA course is ideal for working professionals. They teach you all the skills that you need to handle higher responsibilities. These courses are regularly upgraded to include the latest skills you need to manage the business in these modern times. Attending such a programme will improve your promotion chances and help you find opportunities in other firms and industries. The excellent networking opportunities in such courses also help improve your job opportunities.

Improve Business Awareness

Most managers in the lower and middle levels lack business knowledge. They have come up the corporate ladder to become managers, and they don't get an opportunity to learn how to run a business. But middle and senior managers in modern companies are expected to run their departments like separate businesses. It means that these professionals will need to have heightened business awareness to become successful. Their companies also expect them to take crucial decisions without taking them to the top management. An online executive MBA course is ideal for them to learn business strategy, management and leadership. 

Learn Transferable Skills

EMBA courses are best for working professionals because they teach them skills they can use immediately in their work. Managers face various problems in the course of their work. They may not possess enough skills to handle all the challenges. When undergoing an online executive MBA programme, they learn skills that can immediately be applied to their work. As they study in the evenings and go to work in the morning, whatever they learn can be used the next day. It means they can use those skills when the lessons are fresh in their minds. 

Learn From The Best

The best professors teach all EMBA courses. Most of the faculty come with a lot of practical knowledge and experience. It means you can learn about the practical challenges you will face in your job. The professors will also teach you about real-life issues you will face in your day-to-day work. They can help you solve those issues. All the online executive MBA courses are regularly upgraded to include the latest trends in business management. You will learn the use of modern tools and technology in these courses. 

Become Better Leaders

All managers are not good leaders. They can manage their teams and give solutions for existing problems. But such people are not enough to take the company forward to its goals. Dynamic organisations need leaders who can see the future and have the solutions ready for future challenges. An online executive MBA course by reputed institutions teaches highly valuable leadership skills to its participants. They can also learn many soft skills that are required for leading a team and making them work towards achieving company goals. 

Sparks New Ideas And Interests

One of the biggest advantages of EMBA courses is that they spark new ideas in the minds of the participants. As the students are made up of people from different backgrounds, it is highly possible for you to discover new opportunities. It will be highly beneficial for those who are looking for a career change. An online executive MBA is not just for those looking to move up in their careers. It is also very useful for people who want to start their own businesses. The professors and mentors in these courses provide the necessary guidance in this matter. 

Learn Different Perspectives

Those who join EMBA courses come from various backgrounds and industries. When you have such a wide variety of peers, it is possible for you to learn a lot from them. People from different backgrounds look at things in different ways. Sometimes you can get innovative solutions to your everyday problems when looking at them from a different perspective. When you join an online executive MBA programme, you can understand the perspectives with which others look at problems and the solutions to such issues. You can learn to look at work challenges from a different angle and find new solutions for them. 

You can get all the above benefits and more when you attend the Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM offered by IIM Raipur. More details about this course are available on our website. 

Features Of Executive MBA Courses In India

EMBA programmes in India are aimed at improving the management skills of those at middle and senior management levels. These courses are structured in such a way as to help working professionals attend the course and make themselves ready for higher positions. Here are some of the features that are commonly seen in such courses.

Course Structure

Most EMBA courses in India are structured in such a way that they are convenient for working professionals to attend class. These courses are available directly to your devices, and you can learn them from anywhere in the world. The live classes are held during the evenings and weekends, which makes it easy for employed people to attend the classes. An online executive MBA course has an extended duration to ensure that working professionals can conveniently complete the programme without disturbing their professional or personal life. 


Unlike regular MBA courses, executive MBA courses have curriculums that are aimed at helping employed people learn new skills that are required for their career progression. The syllabus has advanced management subjects like strategic management, financial analysis, leadership and marketing. Participants in an online executive MBA programme also benefit from the qualification and experience of the faculty, which come with many years of experience. The curriculum also teaches about the latest techniques and tools used around the globe. Students also learn various soft skills needed for leading a team to success. 

Admission Criteria

As these courses are purely meant for people who want to move to senior manager or executive positions, they require participants to come with many years of experience. Most of the programmes need you to have a minimum of five years of working experience in the relevant field. The teaching method in these programmes includes learning from the experience of the participants, and hence they must have good experience working as managers. The minimum educational qualification for an online executive MBA programme is graduation from a recognised university. You must also possess a valid GMAT/GRE/CAT score and pass the personal interview. 


The fees for executive MBA courses can be high in India. But compared to other countries it is very less. The fee for most courses ranges between ten and thirty lakhs. This is collected in instalments as the course progresses. The cost can be higher than regular MBA courses, but the benefits an online executive MBA course offers sufficiently justify the money you pay. Moreover, in many cases, organisations sponsor their employees for such courses as the company benefits greatly by equipping their managers with the latest skills. The contribution these executives make towards achieving company goals justifies the expense. 


Attending an EMBA course comes with many challenges. Not all working professionals are motivated enough to spend time studying and passing exams. Most of those who join the course also have a family. It can mean that you must reduce some of your time with the family to attending classes and learning the lessons. One of the other difficulties that people face when attending an online executive MBA course is managing their time in such a way that their office work also doesn't suffer. Participants must also be able to take time off to attend the on-campus module. 

Availability Of Courses

One of the highlights of EMBA courses is that they are available with a variety of specialisations. Most institutions offer courses in fields that are relevant to modern business. One can choose from a variety of electives like HRM, supply chain management, business analytics, digital marketing, etc., all of which are highly essential for modern businesses. All the top institutions in India offer online executive MBA programmes in various fields. It means that you can get your certificate from the top management schools in the country and make yourself more employable by large corporations. 

Benefits Of Attending An IIM Course

IIMs are the top management schools in India highly regarded by companies within the country and outside of it. Let us understand a bit about these institutions before looking at the benefits of studying in them. 

  • IIMs are prestigious management institutions located in various cities in India.

  • The first IIM was established in Kolkata in 1961.

  • These institutions are known for their academic excellence, research and keeping updated with the latest management practices.

  • Admission to online executive MBA courses in IIMs are competitive and depend on various parameters like educational qualification, work experience, and score in exams like CAT/GMAT/GRE.

  • The flagship programme of IIMs is the Post-Graduate Programme In Management which is treated as equal to MBA from other institutions. IIMs also offer various other short-term certification courses both online and on-campus. 

  • These institutions are known for their research in management and allied fields, with their faculty members publishing various research papers in popular national and international journals. 

  • They have a strong alumni network with members occupying high positions in various large corporations across the globe.

  • IIMs have collaborations with various foreign universities allowing the faculty members and students to participate in joint research, exchange programmes and other academic activities. 

  • These prestigious institutions have played a vital role in developing management education in the country and contributed to shaping India's business environment. 

Get High-Quality Education

The first and foremost benefit of attending online executive MBA courses from IIMs is that you get the best management education in the country. You learn the latest concepts in management that are being practised in the most advanced nations around the globe. The curriculum of these institutions can be compared to the best universities in the world. One can learn essential leadership skills from the management programmes conducted by them. Key skills like problem-solving, leadership, business analytics, etc., are dealt with in detail in their programmes. Participants get to know the practical issues that businesses face. 

Improve Your Career Opportunities

Everyone attends management courses with the sole aim of getting a good job or rising higher in their organisations. But not all management degrees have the same value as the number of institutions has increased greatly, and everyone doesn't maintain the same standards. Employers have learned to differentiate between certificates from different institutions. All companies will agree that those who have attended online executive MBA courses from IIMs are more skilled and have better leadership qualities. This improves the career and promotion opportunities of those who possess an IIM degree.

Diverse Learning Environment

It is common knowledge that organisations across the world employ people from diverse cultures and social backgrounds. It means that a leader in such companies must be able to know the views of people from different regions of the world. The ideal way to understand this is to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. An online executive MBA is the best place to meet such people and understand their perspectives. IIMs offer a diverse learning environment that helps participants learn how others look at a situation and what solutions they come up with. 

Great Networking Opportunity

Networking is very important for everyone. It is especially crucial for people in managerial positions. Having contact with a lot of people helps them do their work more successfully. They can use these contacts to explore new markets for the company's products. Friends in other industries can also help understand how they deal with various problems. Managers can find new suppliers using their acquaintances. The online executive MBA programmes offer a great opportunity to network with people from different industries and backgrounds. Such contacts can also help you find more lucrative job opportunities. 

Personal Development

Studying at IIMs can help in personal development too. You learn various leadership skills that will improve your confidence level. Such confidence is not only useful in official life but also in personal life. Communication is another skill that most online executive MBA courses help to develop. It is another important quality both in professional and personal life. Participants in management courses conducted in IIMs understand their own strengths, and this helps them create the right path for themselves. They are more clear about their goals in life and acquire the skills to achieve them. 

Skills You Learn At Executive MBA Courses

1. Leadership

Leadership is an inevitable quality that senior managers must possess. Good leaders don't have to micromanage their team members. They can inspire employees to work independently and achieve set objectives. Leadership skills also equip a person with the ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team. It helps in assigning the right job to the right person. An online executive MBA course teaches you how to get the individual goals of the team members aligned with the objectives of the company. Good leaders work for the growth and development of their team members. 

2. Strategic Thinking

It is a skill that enables a person to focus on analysing the various factors that can have an effect on the success of the company. Strategic thinking helps you to understand the vulnerabilities of the firm that can prevent it from achieving set goals. Acquiring this skill from online executive MBA programmes helps a person understand future risks and to take adequate measures to mitigate their effect on the company. It is a quality that will allow you to have a clear set of goals, ideas and plans to succeed in a competitive business environment. 

3. Communication

This is a skill that senior managers cannot avoid possessing. It is essential for them to convey their ideas and vision to the team. Communication is essential to convey the results of business analysis that help make correct decisions. Managers must also regularly interact with employees at various levels. It requires them to possess excellent oral communication skills to avoid being misunderstood. They must also be strong in writing reports about their team's performance. Managers must be able to communicate assessment results to employees and inform them about improvements they must make.

4. Financial Acumen

Financial acumen refers to the ability to understand the impact of money on the business. All companies work to increase their profits, and this is possible only if senior managers understand how each financial transaction will affect the organisation. Online executive MBA courses teach participants the basics of accounting and financial management. Students also learn about managing cash flow and reducing avoidable expenses. Such steps ensure that the company runs on profit. Suppose you are an entrepreneur you also need to understand ways to manage your tax burden. Handling debts is a quality that every company owner must possess. 

5. People Management

It is not a skill that only HR officials must possess. Every team leader must be capable of managing people and ensuring that work happens smoothly. In the modern business environment, people come from different backgrounds, and it is not easy getting them to work together. Learning people management skills from online executive MBA programmes is an excellent way to become good at people management. You will be able to resolve conflicts and get the team to work as a single entity. Man management skills also help you understand the unique nature of each employee. 

Top Five Online Executive MBA Courses

1. Executive Post-Graduate Programme (EPGP) - IIM Ahmedabad

Duration - Two years. Students can complete this in three years.

Course Structure - Online classes at designated centres. Five sessions of on-campus classes, each of one-week duration. 

Eligibility - Bachelor's Degree and a minimum of three years of working experience.

2. Post-Graduate Programme In Enterprise Management (PGPEM) - IIM Bangalore

Duration - Two years

Course Structure  - Blended mode with online classes every weekend

Eligibility Criteria - Bachelor's Degree, GMAT/GRE/CAT score and a minimum of four years of working experience. 

3. Executive Post-Graduate Certificate Programme In Management (EPGCPM) - IIM Indore

Duration  - One year

Course Structure - Weekend online sessions and five-day campus module.

Eligibility Criteria - Bachelor's Degree with five years of working experience.

4. Executive MBA - IIM Kashipur

Duration  - Two years

Course Structure  - Online through digital conference platforms and Offline on campus

Eligibility Criteria  - Bachelor's Degree, valid CAT/GMAT score and three years of working experience.

5. Executive Post-Graduate Programme In Management (EPGP) -IIM Kozhikode

Duration - Two Years

Course Structure  - Online through interactive learning mode and three on-campus modules.

Eligibility Criteria - Bachelor's Degree with minimum 50% marks and three years of work experience.

The above are some of the top online executive MBA programmes offered by IIMs around the nation. There are many other courses aimed at developing middle and senior management staff without breaking their careers. The Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM is one such course for HR professionals aiming to take up higher responsibilities. You can learn more about this course on our website. 

Summing Up

Career advancement is possible only when you have the skills to handle higher positions. Business practices across the globe are changing quickly, and this makes it necessary for managers to equip themselves with the latest skills. It is not enough to join any course to learn these skills. You must choose programmes by institutions that regularly update their curriculum to suit modern needs. IIMs in India have constantly been providing the latest knowledge in management and making participants capable of handling future challenges. Joining a course by IIM is the best solution for acquiring the latest skills. 


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