Best MBA in Hospital Administration in 2023

Best MBA in Hospital Administration in 2023

Best MBA in Hospital Administration in 2023

MBA in hospital administration is a growing future management programme. You can get subject knowledge in the healthcare industry and general management abilities through the Specialisation in Healthcare Management. Knowledge of the healthcare industry can be used to create a specialist profile that faces less competition than a standard PGDM or MBA. The ongoing research brought on by the lack of access to high-quality healthcare makes the healthcare management industry recession-proof for many more decades, providing excellent job opportunities to those with specialised MBAs in hospital and healthcare management.

The focus is shifting from purely on a cure to prevention to avoid negatively affecting people's wellness as people become more aware and involved in their health. This modification has led to the development of a more individualised, client-centred healthcare delivery strategy. This new ecosystem has given rise to the specialised MBA Healthcare Management Course due to easier access to health information through numerous healthcare websites and apps.

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  • Types of MBA Healthcare Management Courses

  • Placements & Career Opportunities for MBAs in Healthcare Management

  • MBA Healthcare Management Course Syllabus

What is MBA in hospital administration?

The growing healthcare infrastructure in India has led to a significant increase in the popularity of hospitality management. A two-year postgraduate programme called the MBA in hospital administration is created to give students a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare industry. This professional programme strongly emphasises organising, directing, and managing the healthcare system and its operations.

The most popular programme in hospitality management provided by numerous colleges is the MBA in hospital administration. In terms of both employment and revenue, the healthcare sector has grown to be one of India's largest. The administrative positions in healthcare administration, planning, and coordination have created several prospects for the students in this speciality.

Students holding a graduate degree in the following fields may enrol in this 4-semester MBA specialisation: B.Sc., B.Com, BA, BPT, B. Pharm, MBBS, BE, B-Tech, BDS, etc. Students take general management courses in their first year of study; in their final year, they take specialised courses. The entire course anticipates that students will have professional duties, including:

  • Medical staffing

  • Planning and Control

  • Community Health

  • Management & Research

  • Strategic Management

This specialised program's curriculum includes various field activities, such as seminars, industry visits, guest lectures, and webinars. During their degree programme, students receive appropriate and sufficient exposure. There are some top management colleges in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune, and their placement rates are generally good.

Various MBA in hospital administration course types

Different MBA Colleges in India provide MBA programmes in healthcare management and hospital administration that vary in nature and length but have the same geographic scope.

A) The IIMs' two-year full-time MBA in hospital administration

There are 20 IIMs, but only one has introduced a two-year full-time, standalone MBA programme in healthcare management. IIM Calcutta, on the other hand, offers a 1-year Post Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management. The curriculum includes all elementary classes in the 2-year Healthcare Management specialisation at leading business schools.

B) 2-Year Full-Time MBA in hospital administration at B-Schools and Universities like GIM Goa, K J Somaiya, and Welingkar, or MBA Equivalent PGDM

These private PGDM colleges and MBA schools provide specialised MBA/PGDM programmes along the lines of their flagship MBA programmes to meet the growing demand for MBA Healthcare. The following list includes some of the best MBA schools outside of IIMs that offer specialised MBA/PGDM programmes over two years:

C) The leading MBA in hospital administration, such as those at IIM Calcutta, ISB Hyderabad, and TISS Mumbai, provide a one-year full-time or online MBA Healthcare & Hospital Management or Post Graduate Certificate Programme

D) Executive (Part-Time) On-Campus/Hybrid Specialised MBA/PGDM Programmes in Healthcare Management from Top B-schools & Universities like FMS Delhi and BITS Pilani

Eligibility criteria:

A minimum CGPA of 50% or an equivalent grade in B.Sc., B.Com., BBA, BPT, B. Pharm., MBBS, BE, or B-Tech. A 5% relaxation is offered to reserved categories.

Admission procedure:

One college and another may have slightly different requirements for eligibility. Admissions are based on performance in entrance tests (such as the CAT, MAT, XAT, and GMAT) and qualifying exams. Few colleges, meanwhile, also grant admission solely based on performance on prerequisite tests. A few of the best management schools, like Amity Noida, Christ Academy Bangalore, St. Joseph Bangalore, KJ Somaiya Mumbai, Symbiosis Pune, and IIHMR Jaipur, also conduct group discussions and personality interviews (GD/PI) in addition to entrance exams. Additionally, students may enrol through the management quota.

MBA in hospital administration syllabus:

This course offers general management training and focuses on healthcare and hospital administration. The curriculum prepares students for managerial responsibilities in the globalised healthcare industry by giving them theoretical and practical insights into healthcare management. Health policy, human resource management, organisational behaviour, healthcare operations, assessment, improvement, and governance are some subjects in this program's curriculum. The MBA Hospital, Management course outline was created using current industry standards.

Scope of MBA in hospital administration

Students can take control of various health and hospital administration elements after earning an MBA in Hospital Management. Due to India's rapid growth in nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities, this industry has a very broad scope. You can easily land a good job profile in the healthcare sector with an MBA, which includes the following:

  • Healthcare Consultant

  • Hospital CEO

  • Hospital Administrator

  • Pharmaceutical Manager

  • Medical Manager

  • Hospital CFO

  • Health Manager

  • Healthcare Financier 

  • Hospital Superintendent

MBA students can apply for these well-known managerial positions in the healthcare sector. For these career positions, students can expect a competitive compensation package. There are several job opportunities in both the governmental and private sectors. Hospital Management is one of the important employment sectors for students obtaining an MBA, which includes:

  • Medical Consulting Firms

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Nursing Homes

  • Health Clinics

  • Super-Specialty Private Hospital

  • Super-Speciality Government Hospitals

  • Long-Term Care Facilities

MBA in hospital administration: Top colleges available

It's important to make the correct educational choice to pursue an MBA in hospital management. Every college has a distinct set of advantages to offer. To select a choice that aligns with your professional objectives and interests, it is crucial to assess and compare different universities carefully, considering aspects like curriculum, faculty, industry exposure, location, and infrastructure. Let's go into a thorough assessment to assist the student in selecting the finest university for their MBA in hospital administration.

  • K J Somaiya Institute - This Mumbai-based college has Hospital operations, quality assessment, healthcare budgeting, and human resource management as some topics covered in its Hospital Management program's comprehensive curriculum. The institution also exposes students to the industry through internships, guest lectures, and case studies. The campus is well-equipped with contemporary amenities, and the faculty is knowledgeable.

  • Goa Institute of Management - Hospital administration is a primary focus area of the GIM's specialised MBA in Healthcare Management offered by this institute. A holistic approach to healthcare management is provided through the programme, with a focus on research and innovation. Healthcare day-to-day activities, healthcare analytics, healthcare marketing, and healthcare information systems are some subjects covered in the programme. Leading hospitals and healthcare organisations collaborate with the institution, offering chances for internships, real-world projects, and industry exchanges.

  • IIHMR University, Jaipur - The MBA in Hospital and Health Management programme offered here is a specialised programme intended to provide students with a thorough grasp of hospital administration, public health, and healthcare management. Topics, including healthcare quality management, healthcare finance, healthcare marketing, and health policy, are included in the curriculum. The institution offers possibilities for field trips, internships, and research projects, with a particular emphasis on healthcare research and policy.

  • Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) - The Pune-based institute focuses on Hospital administration, healthcare strategic planning, quality control, and healthcare marketing as a couple of topics covered in its MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management. The curriculum's multidisciplinary approach to healthcare management focuses on leadership abilities and strategic management in the healthcare industry. The institution has a strong industry interaction with guest lectures, company visits, and internships.

  • DY Patil University in Navi Mumbai - The MBA in Hospital Management programme covers daily hospital operations, healthcare quality management, marketing, and finance. The course material includes possibilities for internships, projects, and case studies to expose students to the industry and practical skills. Modern facilities are available on campus, and the faculty has expertise in the healthcare industry.


One should consider several aspects while selecting the ideal college, such as the curriculum and programme emphasis areas, the reputation and brand name of the institution, the faculty expertise, industry exposure and placements, location, and infrastructure. To understand the culture, academic environment, and career chances, it's also crucial to visit the campuses, participate in informational sessions, and speak with current or former students or alums. Students must consider other elements, such as tuition costs, scholarships, and living expenditures, to make an informed choice that fits their professional objectives, hobbies, and budget.

MBA in hospital administration: placements & career opportunities

A wide range of opportunities is open to you for career advancement once you have earned your MBA in Healthcare Management. The healthcare sector is expanding at a 17% CAGR, three times faster than India's current GDP growth rate.

The MBA programmes in healthcare administration at schools like K J Somaiya in Mumbai, SIHS in Pune, GIM in Goa, and IIHMR University in Jaipur have attracted excellent pay packages with a 100% placement rate.