IIM Fees for MBA : Check Complete MBA Fee Structure

IIM Fees for MBA : Check Complete MBA Fee Structure

IIM Fees For An MBA: Check Complete IIM Fee Structure

Every MBA student desires to attend an IIM or Indian Institutes of Management. Aspirants can undoubtedly find a wide range of chances after attending one of the top IIMs. When applying to any IIM, the tuition structure is one issue that worries students. Before the start of the program, each IIM typically announces its price structure in the admissions policy and lists the costs it will cover for the IIM MBA programme. The IIM fees for an MBA increase by 1% to 2% and range from 10 to 28 lakhs. For your convenience, we have provided all the information on the MBA programs, tuition, and scholarships offered by IIMs here. Continue reading to find out more information about IIM's MBA tuition.

An IM MBA might cost anywhere between 16 and 27 lakh rupees. The top three IIMs in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta charge the highest MBA tuition—between INR 24 lakh and INR 27 lakh—while tuition at the more recent IIMs in Trichy and Sirmaur ranges from INR 16 to INR 19 lakh. The new IIMs receive government assistance for maintenance and other costs, whereas the previous IIMs do not, which accounts for the discrepancy in their price schedules.

If you plan to join an IIM, you must be informed of the IIM fees for an MBA and eligibility requirements. Even though the IIMs provide scholarships and financial help, it is recommended to determine whether attending the IIMs would fit within your budget before applying. What options are there for loans, too?

IIM Fees For An MBA: Components

IIM fees for an MBA include several elements, some of which are optional. The students must pay the fees each semester because they are rather substantial. Below is a list of every element that makes up the cost structure that we have provided:

  1. Alum charges

  2. Course material

  3. Hostel charges

  4. Internet facility

  5. Laptop and computer

  6. Library

  7. Mess charges

  8. Miscellaneous expenses

  9. Personal expenses

  10. Study tours

  11. Travel and boarding

  12. Tuition fee

IIM Fees For An MBA In 2022-23

The following pricing schedule is provided for the various IIM campuses:

IIM Fees For An MBA: Executive Courses

For its Executive courses, IIM's various campuses' pricing schedules are listed below:

IIM Ahmedabad Fees 2022

The MBA/PGP fees at IIM Ahmedabad were around Rs 23,00,000 (including tuition costs of Rs 16,99,000) for the previous academic year. There was a Rs. 28,00,000 PGPX Program Fee. The IIM Ahmedabad tuition fees cover lodging, food, and other related expenses. Candidates should be informed that personal fees like lodging, transportation, clothing, laundry, and other expenses are not covered by the tuition at IIM Ahmedabad. IIMA will also provide financial aid to the students. The total IIM MBA tuition fees for upcoming batches will be made public later. A computer is a requirement for every student. The institute may buy this locally as well.

IIM Bangalore Fees 2022

The total cost of the MBA and PGP programmes at IIM Bangalore is about Rs. 24,50,000. The MBA IIM Bangalore fees cover tuition, internet, library, dorm room, and other expenses. In addition to paying the IIM Bangalore fees, students must also pay the mess and caution deposits. The IIMB will provide financial aid and scholarships to the shortlisted students so they can join the MBA/PGP programme on a CAT basis.

IIM Calcutta Fees 2022

The cost of the programmes IIM Calcutta offers varies depending on the programme. IIM Calcutta charges a total of Rs 27,00,000 for the MBA programme and Rs 11,25,000 for the PGPEX-VLM programme. MBA, MBAEx, PGPEX-VLM, and PGDBA are among the programmes offered by IIMC. The tuition and books, the price of course materials, the cost of lodging, and economy flights for study tours planned by IIMC are all included in the IIM Calcutta costs for MBA/PGP.

IIM Lucknow Fees 2022

IIM Lucknow tuition for six terms would be charged to students chosen for final IIML admission. At IIM Lucknow, the MBA programme's tuition remains Rs 19,25,000 from the previous year. Students from SC and ST may pay different fees at IIM Lucknow. Please visit the official website for detailed information on the IIM Lucknow pricing structure by category and program. The pricing for IM Lucknow includes all costs associated with admission, tuition, infrastructure, refundable deposits, and alums membership fees. Last year, IIM Lucknow upped the price by about Rs 5,000.

IIM Kozhikode Fees 2022

Applicants who obtain a final admission offer must pay the IIM Kozhikode fees to confirm enrollment. The programme costs Rs 10,00,000 in total, which must be paid in 7 instalments, according to IIM Kozhikode. The PGP-Finance programme has a total fee of Rs 20,50,000. Each programme at IIM Kozhikode may have variable pricing, including PGP-LSM, PGP-BL, PGP-Finance, PGP, MBA, and Executive-MBA.

The costs above include access to all on-campus facilities like the library, textbooks and course materials, programme delivery, simulations, and simulation fees. However, these fees do not include the price of lodging and boarding for the IIMK's suggested campus immersion activities.

IIM Indore Fees 2022

The PGP and PGPMX fee schedule will be made available by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore, for the academic class of 2022–24. IIM Indore charges Rs 16,96,422 and Rs 16,10,000 for the PGP and PGPMX programs, respectively. There are facilities. The library, computers, and other amenities are included in the tuition at IIM Indore.

The tuition at IIM Indore does not include the cost of textbooks. The participants shall bear the projected annual cost of Rs. 15,000 for the textbooks. Participants can access covered coverage insurance for Rs. 1,50,000 annually, with payments as needed.




Tuition Fee



Hostel Charges



Refundable Caution Deposit



Mess Deposit



Medical Insurance Premium



Grand Total



IIM Trichy Fees 2022

IIM Trichy offers PGBM, PGPM, PGPM-HR, FPM, and E-FPM. Those registering for the PGPBM programme must pay Rs 11,80,000, while those applying for the PGPM course must pay a total of Rs 14,00,000, according to the pattern from the previous year.

The Rs. 11,80,000/- in non-refundable IIM Trichy fees covers tuition, books, the library, academic course materials, case permission royalties, tests, and alum events. For convenience, the IIM Trichy fee is set up to be paid in nine instalments according to the following schedule.


IIM Trichy Fees

PGPBM programme

Rs 11,80,000

PGPM programme

Rs 16,50,000

IIM Amritsar Fees 2022

The tuition at IIM Amritsar includes all fees, including tuition, library, IT & computer, books and case materials, hostel & power, health & student activities, and other expenses. The MBA programme at IIM Amritsar costs a total of Rs 16,00,000. To be listed on the institution's final admission list to the 2023–25 PGP academic batch, applicants must all pay the acceptance fee to confirm admission to IIM Amritsar. According to statistics from the prior year, the IIM Amritsar tuition has gone up overall.


IIM Amritsar Fees

First Year

Rs 8,00,000

Second Year

Rs 8,00,000


Rs 16,00,000

IIM Rohtak Fees 2022

IIM Rohtak offers postgraduate management, executive, and fellowship programmes. After receiving the institute's confirmation call, each candidate takes the fee structure of IIM Rohtak into account. Following the pattern from the previous year, those who satisfy the conditions for admission to IIM Rohtak would have to pay Rs. 16,65,000 for its two-year PGP programme. The two-year PGP programme at IIM Rohtak has the following costs and fees:


PGP (2022-23)






Total Fee

Rs 3,55,000

Rs 2,70,000

Rs 2,70,000

Rs 8,95,000






Total Fee

Rs 3,55,000

Rs 2,70,000

Rs 2,70,000

Rs 8,95,000

IIM Bodh Gaya Fees 2022

A full-time, two-year postgraduate programme is available at IIM BG. All accepted applicants should confirm it by paying the necessary costs, per the information provided on the website. The IIM Bodh Gaya cost must be paid by those who accept the IIM Bodh Gaya confirmation call. The PGP programme at IIM Bodh Gaya costs a total of Rs 7,75,000 throughout the programme. The tuition fees, caution deposits (refundable amount), academic fees, and room rent are all included in the IIM Bodh Gaya prices for the PGP programmes.

IIM Sambalpur Fees 2022

IIM Sambalpur's MBA tuition prices for the 7th batch of 2022–24 are anticipated to be similar to those from the previous year only. IIM Sambalpur's anticipated fee schedule is Rs. 12,63,400. Candidates may pay the IIM Sambalpur tuition in six equal instalments over three trimesters. In terms of IIMs, IIM Sambalpur belongs to the third generation.









IIM Sirmaur Fees 2022

For the class of 2022–24, IIM Sirmaur's MBA programme fees are Rs. 11.75 lakhs for both the MBA and MBA (Tourism & Hospitality Management). IIM Sirmaur requires chosen candidates to pay Rs. 1,000,000 in each term (up to the fourth term) for the International Immersion programme in addition to paying tuition. However, if the immersion programme is not offered, the cost of the price charged for the activity will be deducted from the term fees.


Course Fee (INR)

Master of Business Administration

Rs. 11.75 Lakhs

MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Rs. 11.75 Lakhs

IIM Jammu Fees 2022

The fee schedule for IIM Jammu's class of 2022–2024 has been made public by the Indian Institute of Management, Jammu. The total cost of the IIM MBA course fee for candidates chosen based on their CAT score and other selection criteria is Rs. 15,56,130. When admission to IIM Jammu, a caution deposit (refundable) of Rs. 20,000 is also required. After accepting the admission offer, the Rs. 50,000 payment will be deducted from the first term's tuition.


Year I

Year II




Rs. 7,80,690

Rs. 15,56,130

IIM Ranchi Fees 2022

Candidates must pay a fee of Rs. 15,30,000 to be admitted to IIM Ranchi. IIM Ranchi charges this PGP and PGP HRM programme price. According to the terms provided, the IIM Ranchi fee structure can be paid in six instalments. Tuition, medical insurance, student association dues, alum events, and other costs are all included in IIM Ranchi fees.

IIM Raipur Fees 2022

The PGP batch 2022–24 fee schedule has been made public by IIM Raipur. To be paid individually at the time of registration is the caution deposit (one time). The tuition, medical insurance premiums, student association dues, alum activities, and other costs are all included in IIM Raipur's pricing structure.


Year I

Year II



Rs 7,61,900

Rs 7,57,460

Rs. 15,49,360

IIM Kashipur Fees 2022

The tuition schedule for the academic batch of 2022–24 has been made public by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kashipur. The cost for an MBA and an MBA in Business Analytics, according to IIM Kashipur's entrance requirements, is Rs. 15,42,000 for two years. Tuition, medical insurance premiums, student association dues, alum events, placement fees, course material fees, and other costs are all included in the IIM Kashipur MBA tuition.


Year I

Year II



Rs. 7,82,500

Rs. 7,59,500

Rs. 15,42,000

IIM Shillong Fees 2022

IIM Shillong will soon announce the PGP batch 2022–24 fee schedule. This year's IIM Shillong tuition will be close to Rs. 14,60,000 based on last year's costs.IIM Shillong has 125 seats available in total. The final list will be created after group discussions and personal interviews, part of the IIM Shillong admissions process.

IIM Udaipur Fees 2022

The cost of IIM Udaipur's two-year, full-time MBA degree still needs to be discovered. Based on the 2020–22 fee structure, IIM Udaipur MBA tuition is projected to cost roughly Rs. 17,05,400. Candidates can view the IIM Udaipur term-by-term fee breakdown below.

MBA Course

Term I

Term II

Term III

Term IV

Term V

Term VI


Rs. 2,53,400

Rs. 3,08,400

Rs. 3,08,400

Rs. 2,78,400

Rs. 2,78,400

Rs. 2,78,400

Total Fee

Rs. 17,05,400


IIM Nagpur Fees 2022

The total MBA tuition at IIM Nagpur for the class of 2022–24 is Rs. 18,00,000, of which Rs. 75,000 is due at the time the admission offer is accepted. The Rs. 75,000 acceptance fee will be deducted from the total term fee owing at the time of programme registration. The term fee for each term and the offer acceptance fee must be paid online.

IIM Visakhapatnam Fees 2022

IIM Visakhapatnam charges Rs 16,79,920 for PGP programmes in the academic years 2022–24. The tuition for the first academic year (2022-23) would be Rs 8,32,460. During term-1 registration, candidates must also pay an additional Rs 20,000 towards the caution deposit. The entire amount due by students for the second academic year (2023–2024) is Rs. 8,27,460.



Academic Year – 1 (2022-23)
Term-1, 2 and 3

Rs 8,32,460

Academic Year – 2 (2023-24)

Term-4, 5 and 6

Rs 8,27,460


Rs 16,79,920

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why are IIM fees for an MBA so high?

Ans IIMs must cover their fees and expenses in addition to the top-notch amenities offered to the students, as the government does not finance them.

Q.2 Which IIM has the lowest cost?

Ans The most affordable IIMs are IIM Amritsar and IIM Visakhapatnam. The list of IIMs and their pricing can be found above.

Q.3 Is a hostel included in the IIM fees for an MBA?

Ans Hostel costs are typically included in IIM tuition, but you should still confirm this with the particular campus where you plan to apply. To check it, all you have to do is visit their website.

Q.4 Can I get a free education at IIM?

Ans No, you will be responsible for a portion of the costs. Applying for a scholarship or obtaining an education loan can help you pay for your studies.



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