Executive MBA in HR in India: Ace your career with the best

Executive MBA in HR in India: Ace your career with the best

Executive MBA in HR in India: Ace your career with the best

What is an HR Executive MBA?

A graduate degree programme in Human Resources (HR) called an Executive MBA is intended for seasoned individuals working in HR who want to advance their abilities and knowledge in the field. This curriculum includes organisational behaviour, leadership, finance, marketing, and human resources management classes. Applying principles in the context of HR is another focus of the curriculum.

To allow students to continue working while pursuing their degrees, classes are frequently conducted on weekends, evenings, or online. In addition, admittance to EMBA programmes often requires many years of professional job experience. The EMBA in HR programme is set up to work with professionals that have demanding schedules.

Graduates of the programme possess the abilities and knowledge required to hold leadership roles in the HR and other company divisions.

Importance of Executive MBA in India in 2023?

A mid-career professional wanting to upgrade their managerial knowledge and abilities might consider an Executive MBA (EMBA), an advanced management programme offered in India. Following an Executive MBA in India may be helpful for the following reasons:

1. Career Advancement: An EMBA is intended for individuals currently employed and who want to pursue higher management positions within their firm. Students who complete an EMBA programme have a thorough grasp of business ideas and leadership and strategic decision-making abilities that may help them develop in their jobs.

2. Possibilities for Networking: An EMBA programme gives students many chances to connect with other students and professionals in their field. These contacts make future commercial alliances or new work prospects possible.

3. Flexibility: EMBA programmes are created to meet the demands of currently employed professionals. Because most classes are offered on weekends or in the evenings, students may manage their education and jobs.

4. Improved Knowledge: A broad range of business areas, such as finance, marketing, operations, and human resource management, are covered in EMBA programmes. Students may use this information to make informed judgements and find solutions to challenging business situations.

5. Credibility: Employers value EMBA degrees, which are frequently seen as a symbol of distinction in the corporate world. It could provide students with an advantage when looking for senior-level jobs.

Overall, for professionals in the middle of their careers who want to improve their managerial abilities, promote their careers, and establish credibility in the corporate world, studying an EMBA in India might be a wise investment.

8 best options to Study Executive MBA in India

1. IIM Ahmedabad - The Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (PGPX) offers a full-time, one-year Executive MBA for seasoned professionals. Although not offering a dedicated HR focus, the programme includes several people management and HR courses. A variety of electives and core courses, including HR courses, are offered in the curriculum. batch'sThe curriculum aims to improve management and leadership abilities. Graduates are prepared to fill leadership positions in companies. The 2022–23 batch's programme costs are INR 38,00,000. An overview of the program's curriculum, courses, costs, and career descriptions is provided below:

IIM Ahmedabad's PGPX programme is a one-year, full-time course of study. It offers a variety of core and optional courses covering a wide range of business subjects, such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and strategy. Some of the HR and people management-related courses include

  • Enterprise Behavior

  • Managing Employees and Performance in the Workplace

  • Conflict resolution and negotiation

  • HR Strategy

The course includes Business Ethics and Finance among its many topics. Other elective subjects were Financial Management, Macroeconomics, Marketing Administration, Operations Administration and Strategic Planning. IIM Ahmedabad's PGPX programme offers a comprehensive business education that includes several HR and people management-related subjects. Graduates are prepared to assume leadership positions across a range of sectors.

The Career Development Services (CDS) office at IIM Ahmedabad helps students locate internship and employment opportunities. Top businesses from various industries engage in the placement process thanks to the school's extensive network of corporate partners. The actual positions, however, could change depending on a person's performance and talent. The annual compensation range for EMBA graduates from IIM Ahmedabad is between INR 25 and 30 lakhs; however, this might change based on the sector and position.

2. IIM Bangalore - For experienced professionals, the Executive Post Graduate Program in Management (EPGP) programme offers a full-time, one-year Executive MBA. A variety of electives and core courses, including HR courses, are offered in the curriculum. Graduates of the programme are prepared to assume senior-level organisational jobs since it is meant to enhance leadership and management abilities. The 2022–23 batch's programme costs are INR 28,75,000. Below is a summary of the program's curriculum, topics, costs, and job descriptions.

IIM Bangalore's EPGP programme is a one-year, full-time course of study. There are three terms in the programme, with each term lasting around four months. The curriculum includes core classes, electives, and a capstone project. The program's electives in HR include the following:

  • Using emotional intelligence to lead

  • Managing Employees at Work Construction Teams with High Performance

  • Managing Human Resources

  • the control of employee relations

The course covers a variety of topics, such as:

  • Financial and Accounting

  • Analysis of Data for Managers

  • Decision-Making

  • Management Economics

  • Marketing Administration

  • Strategic Management in Operations Management

The EPGP programme at IIM Bangalore offers a comprehensive business education that includes several HR-related topics. Graduates are prepared to assume leadership positions across a range of sectors.

3. Xavier School of Management - XLRI Jamshedpur offers a part-time Executive MBA in Human Resources Management (EMBA-HRM) programme for working people who want to develop their HR knowledge and skills. The 16-month curriculum is broken up into 4 phases of 4 months each. There are weekend sessions, and the curriculum includes a unit on international immersion.

The EMBA-HRM programme includes courses on organisational behaviour, human resource management, legal and ethical issues of HRM, compensation and benefits management, industrial relations, strategic HRM, and other topics. Another component of the programme that allows students to use their learnt knowledge in real-world business issues is the capstone project.

At XLRI, there is a dedicated placement cell for the EMBA-HRM programme. The programme's overall cost is Rs. 15.20 lakhs, which includes the cost of tuition, books, and housing for the immersion module abroad. The typical yearly salary for students pursuing this degree is expected to be between Rs. 18 and 20 lakhs. Nonetheless, candidates are liable for paying for the worldwide module independently. Hence, placement assistance can only be ensured if it is provided.

4. IIM Lucknow - The HR-related themes are included in the International Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX), an Executive MBA programme provided by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow. The IPMX programme at IIM Lucknow is a one-year, full-time programme of study. The curriculum is divided into three periods, each lasting around four months. The programme consists of core subjects, electives, and a capstone project. The programme expenditures for the 2022–23 batch are INR 30,00,000. These are some of the HR electives offered by the programme:

  • Human Resource Management

  • Administration of Leadership Performance and Change Management

  • Managing diversity and inclusion

  • Talent management

The IPMX programme at IIM Lucknow provides a thorough business education that includes a variety of HR-related courses. Of the many subjects this curriculum covers, Economics of Corporate Finance for Managers, Analytics and Statistics for Business, Operations Administration, Strategic Leadership and Marketing Administration are just a few. Graduates are equipped to take on leadership roles in a variety of industries.

5. IIM Raipur - This institution provides a Human Resource Management-focused Executive MBA programme (HR). For working people, IIM Raipur offers a part-time Executive MBA in HR programme. There are six terms in the curriculum, which lasts two years. Academic credentials, professional experience, and entrance performance—which often includes a written exam and an in-person interview—all play a role in admittance to the programme. The 2022–23 batch's programme costs are INR 12,00,000. A variety of electives and core courses, including HR courses, are offered in the curriculum. The program's electives in HR include the following:

  • Human Resource Administration

  • Talent Retention and Acquisition

  • Leadership and Team Management 

  • Performance and Rewards Management

  • HR Metrics and Analytics

The information and abilities acquired in these courses will enable students to run efficient HR departments. These are some of the topics that were addressed throughout the training:

  • Financial and Accounting Management

  • Analytics and Modeling of Data

  • The business environment and the economy

  • Marketing Administration

  • Management of Operations and the Supply Chain

  • Strategic Planning

The programme is intended for working individuals who want to continue their employment while pursuing an MBA in human resource management. It gives students a thorough grasp of HR operations and prepares them for field leadership positions.

A specialised Career Development and Placement Office at IIM Raipur help students locate internship and employment opportunities. Top businesses from various industries engage in the placement process thanks to the school's extensive network of corporate partners. About INR 18–20 lakhs are provided annually as the average pay to EMBA graduates from IIM Raipur. It's crucial to remember that the actual placements could change depending on each applicant's abilities and performance.

6. Indian School of Business - For individuals in mid-career who desire to advance their abilities and expertise in the HRM area, the Indian School of Business (ISB) offers an Executive MBA programme in HRM. Six terms make up the 16-month duration of the programme. The first five terms are held on alternating weekends (Friday to Sunday). The last term is a one-week residential term at the ISB campus in Hyderabad or Mohali.

The Executive MBA in HRM programme curriculum is created to give students a thorough grasp of all HRM-related topics, including employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefits, and HR analytics. Moreover, broad management topics like finance, marketing, and strategy are included throughout the curriculum. Lectures, case studies, group discussions, and projects present the curriculum. The following topics are addressed in the ISB's Executive MBA programme in HRM:

  • Organisational Behavior and Management

  • HRM: Functions, Processes and Practices

  • HR Analytics

  • Talent Acquisition and Retention

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Leadership and Change Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Accounting and Analysis

  • Corporate Finance

An effective placement cell at ISB helps students find work options. Several prestigious firms hire students from ISB's Executive MBA in HRM programme with a strong placement history. Among the businesses that have hired programme graduates are Amazon, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, and PwC. However, placements are not guaranteed based on market conditions and individual performance.

7. Management Development Institute - For working individuals who desire to improve their abilities and expertise in the HR area, MDI Gurgaon provides a part-time Executive MBA in HR Management (EMBA-HRM) programme. The course of study lasts 15 months and is divided into five terms of 3 months each. Weekend classes are held, and a global module is part of the curriculum. A variety of human resource management-related subjects are covered in the EMBA-HRM programme, such as organisational behaviour and design, talent management and acquisition, leadership development and performance management, human resource development and training, and many more. Also, a project-based course in the curriculum enables students to apply the ideas they have learned to actual business problems.

The program's overall costs, which include tuition, textbooks, and lodging for the foreign module, come to about Rs. 17.25 lakhs. A placement cell specifically for the EMBA-HRM programme exists at MDI. Students with this degree may expect to earn an average annual income of between Rs. 14 and 16 lakhs. Therefore, while it is offered, placement aid cannot be guaranteed.

8. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research - Mumbai's campus of SP Jain School of Global Management does not offer an EMBA in HR programme. However, it provides an Executive MBA programme with a General Management focus. In addition, SP Jain School of Global Management provides a 12-month Executive MBA in HR programme. Depending on the school you choose to attend, there are different costs for the SP Jain EMBA in HR programme. The tuition for the Singapore campus is SGD 60,000, while the tuition for the Dubai campus is AED 143,100 for the 2022–23 academic year.

The SP Jain EMBA in HR program's curriculum is created to give students the abilities and information needed to succeed in leadership positions in the HR field. Managing People in Companies, HRM and the Legal Environment, Managing Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement and Retention, HR Analytics, and many others are among the key topics offered in the programme. The following are a few of the electives offered in this course:

  • Conflict resolution and negotiation

  • Global Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation across the world

  • Social Responsibility of Corporations

  • Business Data Visualisation

It is significant to note that various universities may have different entrance standards, course offerings, and programme structures. The fees and placement reports use the most recent online-available data.

How to choose the best Indian B-School for an executive MBA in HR

Selecting the best Indian business school for an Executive MBA in HR might be difficult since several aspects must be considered. The following considerations should be made in your decision-making process:

  1. Ranking and Reputation: Verify the business school's standing and reputation. Check for certifications and awards from respected organisations like AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

  2. Education and Faculty: Review the program's faculty and curriculum. Examine the program's course offerings, topics, and electives. Seek faculty members who know the most current HR practices and have experience and expertise.

  3. Industry Links and Placements: Look at the business school's industry connections and graduate placements. Examine the institution's track record of putting students in HR positions and the organisations that frequently hire from it.

  4. Alumni Network: Consider the industrial impact of the school's alum network. Watch for the network's strength in HR-related professions and its impact in the sector.

  5. Program Cost: Consider the cost and effectiveness of the programme. Search for any available scholarships, financial assistance, and other financing sources.

  6. Location: Consider the ease of attending lessons and the B-school's location. Consider the school's accessibility and location of your place of employment.

Considering these factors, you can evaluate the options available and decide on the right B-school for your EMBA in HR.

Scope of Executive MBA in HR in 2023

The Executive MBA in HR (Human Resources) in India holds tremendous promise and significant potential for professionals aiming to advance their careers in HR management in 2023. These programmes such as one by Chitkara University Online are tailor-made for mid-career individuals seeking to augment their skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities in the field of human resources.

Outlined below are key points highlighting the scope of the Executive MBA in HR in India in 2023:

  • Increasing Demand: Organizations now recognize the strategic importance of effective HR management, leading to a rising demand for qualified HR professionals adept at navigating complex people-related challenges. This demand presents ample opportunities for individuals possessing an Executive MBA in HR to secure senior-level positions in both domestic and multinational companies.

  • Specialized Expertise: An Executive MBA in HR equips professionals with specialized knowledge and skills in critical areas such as talent acquisition, performance management, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, organizational development, and labor laws. This expertise is highly sought-after by companies aiming to optimize their HR practices and foster a positive work environment.

  • Leadership Development: Executive MBA programmes not only focus on imparting functional HR knowledge but also emphasize the development of leadership and strategic management capabilities. The curriculum often incorporates leadership, change management, negotiation skills, and business strategy courses. These skills empower HR professionals to make effective contributions to organizational decision-making and drive HR initiatives aligned with business objectives.

  • Networking Opportunities: Executive MBA in HR programmes bring together seasoned professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds. The networking opportunities offered by these programmes enable HR executives to connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and alumni, thereby expanding their professional networks. This network can prove invaluable for career growth, job opportunities, and knowledge sharing.

  • Salary and Career Advancement: Executives equipped with an MBA in HR often experience improved career prospects and higher earning potential compared to their counterparts without an advanced degree. The specialized knowledge and leadership skills acquired through an Executive MBA enable professionals to qualify for senior HR positions, such as HR directors, chief HR officers, and HR consultants, which come with attractive compensation packages.

  • Consulting and Entrepreneurship Opportunities: An Executive MBA in HR equips professionals with the skills required to become independent HR consultants or start their own HR consulting firms. With the evolving business landscape and the increasing need for HR expertise across industries, consulting, and entrepreneurship present lucrative avenues for those seeking to leverage their HR knowledge and experience.

It is important to note that the scope of an Executive MBA in HR is not limited to the corporate sector alone. The public sector, government organizations, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations also require HR professionals with advanced skills and knowledge to effectively manage their workforces.

Why Executive MBA from IIM Raipur is the right choice?

The value of an Executive MBA from IIM Raipur relies on several factors, including your career goals, level of competence, and the programme you are considering enrolling in. An Executive MBA from IIM Raipur, however, could be a wise investment for professionals in the middle of their careers who wish to enhance their managerial skills and advance their careers.

IIM Raipur's Executive Post Graduate Program in Management seeks to develop managerial and leadership skills. It will equip you with the means to reach your professional objectives. If money is tight and time is limited, there could be better options than this course. Think about how much of your financial support comes from investments and savings before proceeding in this direction. Next, decide whether investing thousands of dollars over the years to study something is worthwhile when the money may be spent more wisely elsewhere.

Established with a heavy emphasis on practical application, the programme emphasises case studies, simulations, and real-world projects. Faculty members with extensive experience in the consulting and research sectors can help you alter your career. Also, the curriculum provides networking opportunities, discussions with experts in the area, and exposure overseas. Your work prospects are much enhanced by the training, enabling you to get hired for higher-level positions and make more money. Even if it could be costly, it's important to consider the potential return on investment.

Also, you could gain from the connections and alums network of IIM Raipur throughout your professional life. So why are you still waiting? Apply right away for a better future.

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