Best Institute for executive mba in india

Best Institute for executive mba in india

Many working professionals often find themselves stuck at the same job without any sight of progress. It is mainly due to the lack of the latest skills and capabilities. These people are mostly unable to leave their jobs and pursue a full-time management course. Their financial commitments don’t allow them to quit their jobs. It is for such people that courses are offering executive MBA in India, and such a degree can help them move forward in their jobs. Before finding which institutes offer such courses, let us understand what an executive MBA is and its importance.

Understanding Executive MBA In India And Its Importance

Executive MBA or EMBA, as they are commonly called, are graduate-level programs. These are designed to help managers with many years of experience learn the latest skills and become capable of handling higher positions. An executive MBA in India equips managers with many leadership skills. The curriculum in these courses is formulated in such a way as to help professionals with experience find solutions for real-life problems faced in their jobs. 

An executive MBA in India is taught online to help professionals continue their work and study without breaking their jobs. The method of teaching is a mixture of live classes, case studies, projects in collaboration with peers, and recorded lessons. The timings of the classes are fixed to allow participants to continue working. The duration of the course can be between one to two years. Such programs have gained much popularity among employers in India.

Who Should Join Executive MBA Courses?

Executive MBA in India is designed for employed people with significant work experience who are looking to advance their careers. Those with five years of work experience in middle-level positions in their firms. Those who want to enhance their knowledge of business and gain skills to move to senior management positions will also gain significantly from these courses. The EMBA course also helps people with technical qualifications but lack management skills to achieve better positions in their organizations. Those who are looking to change careers will also benefit from these programs.

The other category of people who can gain from the executive MBA in India is the entrepreneur who wants to expand their business. Most young entrepreneurs with technical backgrounds lack basic knowledge of the business. This is one of the reasons for most startups fail within a short time. These courses help businessmen learn the basics of business management. They also gain proficiency in business strategy, finance, marketing, and operations, which are important functions in a company. They can also seek the help of mentors and peers to expand their business to new areas. 

Eligibility Criteria For EMBA Courses

A program for executive MBA in India sets certain criteria for admitting participants. Most of the institutions require the person to possess a graduate degree from a reputed institution. Many of the courses also look at a GMAT/GRE score or good scores in their entrance and qualifying tests. There are also personal interviews to assess the quality of the participants. But what is most important in these courses is for the attendee to have a minimum of five years of working experience. These courses are formulated to enhance the leadership skills of working professionals and help them move to the next level. 

Moreover, an executive MBA in India has aimed at building upon the practical experience and knowledge the student acquired while working. By demanding working experience, the course ensures that its participants have a foundation of real-life experience to build upon. It will lead to more focused practical learning. The teaching methods in EMBA courses include case studies and collaborative projects that will need the participants to possess real-life experience. These are more advanced than regular MBA programs, and by insisting on working experience, the institutions ensure that students possess the necessary knowledge to tackle complex business problems. 

Advantages Of Joining Executive MBA In India

1. Gain Advanced Business Knowledge

The biggest advantage of an executive MBA in India is that working professionals get to acquire advanced business knowledge that helps them move to senior management positions. Most managers at the middle level possess the knowledge needed for their positions. But if they want to move to executive posts, they must gain expertise in other areas of business. These include financial knowledge, marketing expertise, proficiency in operations management, etc. The participants also learn about leadership and entrepreneurship, which are essential in top management positions. They learn practical solutions that are needed for successful functioning as a manager. 

2. Practical Knowledge

Executive MBA in India focuses more on practical learning as opposed to traditional MBA courses that teach more theory. It means that the participants of these programs can apply what they learned to their tasks immediately. The teaching method includes case studies that help the students understand practical problems that they will face when they move to higher positions. There are collaborative projects that enable them to mingle closely with peers and view issues from a different angle. The faculty in such programs also come with many years of experience in their fields. 

3. Leadership Development

One of the requirements for any top-level manager is to possess good leadership qualities. A leader differs greatly from a manager. While managers can solve everyday problems, leaders anticipate future challenges and find solutions for them. Leaders motivate their team members to work on their own instead of managing their work. An executive MBA in India teaches its students to develop and execute strategies. It also trains them in managing changes and building highly productive teams. These programs also help build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and other leadership qualities. The course instills a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. 

4. Excellent Networking Opportunity

Networking is vital for all managers. It is especially true for those in senior management positions. Participants attending executive MBA in India can benefit from the network they develop during the program. They get the opportunity to interact and collaborate with participants from different parts of the country. In many courses, there are also students from other countries. Having such connections can greatly help these professionals do their work more efficiently. They will be able to find new markers for their products. Those looking to change careers will have more choices. 

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the characteristics of an executive MBA in India. Top institutions in the country design these courses to benefit working professionals. These programs are so flexible that employed people can complete them without affecting their professional life. Most of these courses have a longer duration than regular MBA courses to allow working people to complete them within their available time. The classes are conducted in the evenings or during weekends to facilitate employed people to attend them without taking a break from their work. The class schedules also allow the participants to learn the lessons at their convenience. 

6. Exposure To Global Markets

An executive MBA in India exposes its participants to international markets and business practices. In today’s globalized economy, working professionals need to know the differences in business practices in different countries. They must also know how changes in international markets can impact their business. Such exposure helps professionals expand their operations to other countries or deal with suppliers and customers abroad. Many of the top management schools have faculty from abroad who bring rich international business experience to the course. One can benefit from learning practices in other countries and apply them in their job. 

7. Improve Communication Skills

As a manager, you may only need to communicate with your team members or immediate superiors. But as you move up the ladder and attain higher leadership positions, you must have better communication skills. There will be a need to convey messages to people at different levels. You may need to communicate with customers and suppliers regarding policy matters. An executive MBA in India focuses greatly on improving this capability in the participants. Students can learn to improve their oral and written communication in these programs. They will also become proficient in public speaking, which is essential for top management positions. 

8. Better Earning Potential

Everyone wants to earn more to fulfill their increasing needs. Families expand and this needs more money. An executive MBA in India improves the career prospects of its participants. With this degree in hand, you can contribute more to your organization. It will result in a promotion to higher positions and better salaries. An EMBA degree will also open more doors for you in other companies. You can get a job that offers more salary with this qualification. A certificate from a reputed institution will enable you to find better jobs in larger companies. 

9. Learn From Industry Experts

The faculty in an executive MBA in India consists of experienced professors, industry experts, and reputed business leaders. They bring with them many years of practical knowledge that is highly valuable for a working professional. Participants in the program can learn from the vast knowledge about business practices that the faculties possess. Many of these courses also have guest lecturers from different fields. It helps students learn new perspectives on practical difficulties they face in their jobs. There are also seminars and workshops where the participants can interact with experienced industry experts and learn solutions for many problems they face in their work.

10. Gain Respect

Attending an executive MBA in India helps participants gain more respect both from their team members and society. Those who attend these programs become better leaders. They can apply what they have learned in the course to practical problems they face at work. As the participants become good leaders after completing the course, they can help their team members work more efficiently. These team leaders also work for the growth and development of their subordinates. It gains them much respect from the team. When you earn the degree and get a promotion at your job, society also starts respecting you more. 

Now that we have seen the advantages of attending EMBA courses, it is time to see how to select the most suitable course. 

How To Select The Best Institute For An EMBA Course?

Selecting the most suitable executive MBA in India can be difficult, considering that many reputed institutions are offering these programs. However, the below points will help you choose the one that is most suited for you. 

1. Reputation Of The Institution

The first thing to consider when selecting the most suitable executive MBA in India is the reputation of the institution. Various management schools in India are ranked by employers differently. You must choose your program from an institution that is highly valued by companies in India and abroad. This will help you change your job to a better company if that is your goal in attending the course. 

2. Understand Your Goal

It is necessary to be clear about your objectives in attending the course. Not everyone attends an EMBA course with the same goal in mind. While some may be looking for promotions in the existing firm, others may be looking at opportunities in other firms. Some want to make a career change after attending the EMBA program. Only when you are sure of your goal can you choose the right college for your course. 

3. Look At The Curriculum

Does the college have a curriculum for the course that will help you learn the skills you seek? Different institutions have different curriculums for their programs. You need to look at it very closely and make sure that the course you choose has everything that you need to learn for your next job or higher position.

4. Check The Faculty

The college must have the best faculty for the course you choose. Most courses for executive MBA in India teach a lot of practical lessons. It is beneficial because you can immediately use them at work. The faculty must have had real-life experience that will help them teach the subject well. They must have faced real-life problems in their jobs to teach you the solutions for such practical issues.

5. Industry Connections

Will the course you attend allow you to have industry experience? Look at whether the institution has connections with big companies in India and abroad. It will allow them to provide you with internships in such firms. Working in such companies will help you learn skills in a practical environment. Such connections can also help you get more job opportunities. 

6. Alumni Network

An institution with many years of experience behind them will have its alumni spread across the globe. You will find people who have passed out from this college in big corporations in countries around the world. Becoming an alumnus of such institutions will give you connections in India and abroad that you can use for your work or get better job opportunities. Being an alumnus of the institution must help entrepreneurs expand their businesses. 

7. Teaching Method

When you select an executive MBA in India, you must check the teaching methods used by the institution. Such a course must be able to provide you with practical knowledge. The methods used for imparting lessons should include case studies, discussions, and projects. Only with such methods will you be able to know the real-life problems that you will face in higher positions. The institute must also provide opportunities for collaborative projects where you can interact with other students. 

8. Convenience

While some institutions insist on students attending the course at their campuses, others offer a blended teaching mode. Most of the course is taught online at times that are convenient for working professionals. Such courses will not deny you the experience of being at the campus as they have some portions of the program at the institution. Courses from such colleges will help you complete the program even while you are working full-time. 

Challenges Faced When Attending EMBA Courses

Selecting the right institution for your executive MBA in India is not the only challenge you face as a working professional seeking to gain leadership qualities. There are various other challenges that a person faces when attending these courses. 

1. Balance Work, Study, And Family Life

This is probably the toughest challenge in front of someone opting to attend an EMBA program when working. Office work is not easy, especially if you are in a managerial position. You must spend most of your day at the office to complete your tasks successfully. Finding time to attend live sessions and studying your lessons can be challenging. Most people with so many years of experience will also have a family to manage. Balancing all these three roles is not going to be easy. 

2. Managing Time

Time management is one skill that any working professional attending an executive MBA in India will certainly need. It is not easy finding time for studies after your office work. Most classes are held in the evenings on weekdays and at other times during the weekend. You must be able to complete your office work before your live sessions begin. If you have a family, you must also dedicate some time to them. It is not easy managing time and making sure that you have enough for all activities. 

3. Financial Constraints

EMBA courses don’t come cheap, especially from the top institutions in the country. Many companies sponsor their staff members for such courses. But if you are unable to get the firm to pay your fee, it may not be easy to manage your finances. It is even more difficult for people with a family and monthly commitments of rent, school fees, etc. You must plan well before joining the course and ensure that none of your regular expenses suffers. 

Top Institutions For Executive MBA Courses

Indian Institute Of Management

IIMs have campuses in various cities in India. All these colleges offer various EMBA courses aimed at arming working professionals with valuable skills. These institutions teach skills like leadership, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, etc., that are essential for managers at all levels. The institution has an excellent reputation among employers in India and abroad. Completing an executive MBA in India from the IIMs is a sure way to get better jobs. 

Xavier School Of Management

This business school under XLRI is probably the oldest management institution in India. Known for its excellent curriculum and faculty, students from across the country compete to get admission to their courses. The institution offers various EMBA courses that will facilitate participants to handle top management responsibilities with ease. They have been creating leaders over the years who occupy high positions in large companies around the world. 

Indian School Of Business

This institution has campuses in Mohali and Hyderabad in India. They are known for their executive MBA in India, which has helped create many business leaders in the country. Their courses combine classroom training with practical knowledge imparted by eminent faculty. Experts from various industries teach students and help them become efficient leaders in their companies. 

S P Jain Institute Of Management And Research

The institution located in Mumbai is known for its innovative approach to management. The college offers various courses in management including executive programs for working professionals. National and international agencies have ranked SPJIMR among the top ten business schools in India. It has a strong focus on ethical and socially responsible leadership. 

Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management

It is located in Pune and is a premier institute of management that has produced some of the top business minds in India. This institution has constantly strived to inculcate the qualities of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students. The executive MBA in India offered by the college focuses on a practical approach to management and equips its students with excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Summing Up

There is no doubt that anyone who wants to rise to the senior manager or executive level must complete an executive MBA course. Such a program is sure to equip the participants with excellent qualities that a leader must possess. These courses are suited for working professionals as they are available online and at convenient times for employed people. It is in your hands to select the one that is most suitable for you and get yourself a valuable certificate that will help you move ahead in your career. 


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