5 Ways to pursue executive mba from IIM Raipur

5 Ways to pursue executive mba from IIM Raipur

IIM Raipur is the tenth IIM to be established in India. It was founded in 2010 by the Indian government and the Ministry of human resources development. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2020 has IIM Raipur at position 19. According to Outlook-ICARE India MBA Rankings 2020, IIM Raipur is placed 9. A public university recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education is IIM Raipur (AICTE). More than 30 highly qualified faculty members teach PG and PhD-level management courses at the institute. IIM Raipur boasts a top-notch infrastructure with all the latest amenities, including a hostel, library, sports complex, cafeteria, fitness center, academic excellence, and many more. It is located in Cheriya, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Top five Executive MBA from IIM Raipur

1) Post-Graduate Programme

The flagship Executive MBA program from IIM Raipur is the Post-Graduate Program in Management. The PGP aims to give students holistic development and prepare them to become future business leaders who can successfully handle the challenge of international competitiveness and a dynamic market climate. The two-year Post-Graduate Program's goals are:

  • To comprehend India's and the global socioeconomic, technological, ecological, and political environments.

  • To improve one's problem-solving capacity and fuel their enthusiasm for invention and creativity.

  • To cultivate a global mindset to handle issues associated with working across cultures.

  • To produce management graduates who are socially conscious and highly competitive on a global scale and who can effectively contribute to the inclusive growth of society.

  • To build leadership skills without compromising ethical principles while developing a sense of societal purpose for managerial decision-making.

2) Executive Post Graduate Programme

The Executive Post Graduate Program in Management (awarded as an MBA Degree) is structured to provide the least interference with the job and personal pursuits possible. This Executive MBA program from IIM Raipur spans twenty-four months. It would be perfect for developing and delivering it in a hybrid format while working with Nulearn, India's top education technology firm.

Throughout this program, interaction with classmates and faculty will improve various skills, including appreciation of different points of view, effective communication, conflict management, negotiation, and organizing people towards shared objectives—all crucial develop components of efficient management practices. The overarching objective of the training is to extend fundamental leadership competencies to advance participants' professional development.

The program's goals are:

  • To become capable of integrating judgments and solutions from other disciplines in challenging decision-making situations.

  • To understand how macro and micro business environmental elements affect a business.

  • It should include a precise framework for moral and value-based judgments backed by unwavering personal integrity.

  • To inspire others and manage various teams of people, one must possess a professional demeanor and the capacity to communicate a vision.

  • To cultivate moral principles and proactive attitudes for societal advancement.

3) Post-Graduate Certificate Programme in Digital Health

(a) Certified Digital Health Professional: The goal of the CDHP Course is to educate students on the theoretical, technological, management, and practical aspects of using digital technologies throughout the continuum of care. The Digital Health Academy and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur, two of the top digital health and management organizations, jointly offer the CDHP.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur has a solid reputation for high-quality, practice-oriented business education and corporate ties.

Global experts and digital health and management practitioners make up the CDHP faculty. Due to this, CDHP stands out as a special course in the world and likely the first of its type. After completing this course, you will gain a competitive advantage by better understanding the digital health field and how to use digital tools in everyday practice.

Numerous career opportunities in the quickly developing field of digital health will become available as a result of this course.

(b) Unique Value Offerings of the Programme: The first post-graduate certificate program in digital health is being offered by the leading experts in the field through the Digital Health Academy in partnership with the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Raipur. Since the program is digital (delivered online), professionals can take it at their own pace. After completing the program, students are eligible to graduate from the Digital Health Academy and India's top business school, the Indian Institute of Management-Raipur. Additionally, it will result in inclusion in the Digital Health Academy's network of Certified Digital Health Professionals.

4) Post Graduate Program in Management for Working Executives 

The PGPMWE is created in a way that minimizes interference with work and personal pursuits. The program's primary goal is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the new types of competition to prepare them for an advanced career in management. The program combines various general management theories, soft skills, and analytical techniques with real-world business scenario examples. The program lasts twenty-four months, twenty-four of which should include weekends every two weeks. Eight terms of three months each make up the 630 hours of instruction for this program, including on-campus modules, project training, industry dissertations, and rural and international immersion.

Objectives of the Programme:

  • To become capable of integrating judgments and solutions from other disciplines in challenging decision-making situations 

  • To understand how macro and micro business environmental elements affect a business

  • should include a precise framework for moral and value-based judgments backed by unwavering personal integrity

  • To inspire others and manage various teams of people, one must possess a professional demeanor and the capacity to communicate a vision.

  • To cultivate moral principles and constructive attitudes for societal advancement

5) Fellow Program in Management

Beginning with the academic year 2012–2013, IIM Raipur launched the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM). FPM is a full-time doctoral program allowing research scholars to pursue further education and research in many "management"-related fields. The program aims to train research scholars for employment in academia and other organizations that call for highly developed analytic and research skills and careers in management studies and related fields.

This Executive MBA from IIM Raipur is dedicated to training scholars who will lead their respective fields of study. The program gives its research scholars a unique chance to conduct excellent interdisciplinary and intra-disciplinary research. The FPM Handbook, which is sent to each scholar upon registration for the course, contains all of the rules and regulations about FPM.

The program's aims are:

  • To provide research researchers with the knowledge and abilities to recognize and investigate complicated management-related issues.

  • To contribute to developing, disseminating, and applying knowledge in the management sector.

  • To conduct research and produce works of international caliber in management that will benefit society and the body of knowledge.

  • To have highly trained persons with remarkable analytical ability and expertise in conducting specialized research to address the personnel needs of academia and industry in teaching and research.

Why choose IIM Raipur for your EMBA

IIM Raipur is regarded as a top educational facility for several reasons, including the following:

  1. Faculty caliber: IIM Raipur has a group of very skilled and seasoned academic and business professionals on its faculty. They bring to the classroom a special fusion of theoretical and practical expertise.

  2. Curriculum: IIM Raipur's curriculum is created to give students a comprehensive grasp of management principles and methods. To accommodate the wide range of professional objectives of students, the institute provides a variety of specialties.

  3. Industry Interface: IIM Raipur has strong ties to the industry and collaborates on real projects, internships, and job placements with top companies. Students can get practical insights into business via exposure to the sector.

  4. Placement Record: IIM Raipur has a strong record of placing students in prestigious companies across various industries. The institute has a specific placement cell that helps students find jobs.

Overall, IIM Raipur offers a supportive learning atmosphere and is a strong educational institution due to its emphasis on academic rigor, research, and industry exposure.

IIM Raipur Eligibility Criteria 2023

  1. IIM Raipur's eligibility requirements are that applicants must possess a bachelor's degree with a minimum duration of three years after high school and a minimum grade point average (CGPA) of 50% (the requirement is lowered to 45% for candidates who fall under the SC, ST, or PWD categories).

  2. The CAT 2022 exam and obtaining the minimum required sectional and overall scores to be shortlisted are two of the most important requirements for admission to IIM Raipur and earning a graduate degree from a recognized institution.

  3. The equivalence to establish PGP admission eligibility would be based on the equivalency confirmed by the institution/university from where the bachelor's degree was achieved if grades or CGPA were given to the candidate instead of marks. Suppose The institution/university plans to translate the CGPA into something other than equivalent marks. In that case, the equivalence will be developed by IIM Raipur by dividing the obtained CGPA by the highest permissible CGPA and multiplying the result by 100 to validate the candidate's eligibility for admission.

  4. Candidates for IIM Raipur Admission 2023–24 taking the final year bachelor's degree/equivalent qualification exam or who have already passed the exam and are awaiting results are eligible to apply. Such a candidate is required to present a certificate stating that they are in their final year of study, are awaiting their final grades, and have earned at least 50% of the available points (or, in the case of candidates from the SC, ST, or PWD categories, 45% of the available points) based on the most recent grades or marks.

  5. Unless the principal, head of the department, registrar, or director of the institution or university issues a certificate by June 30, 2023, stating that the applicant has satisfied all requirements (the outcome may, however, be awaited) for obtaining the bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification on the date specified, this candidate, if chosen, will not be eligible for admission to IIM Raipur.

  6. A final-year student granted admission by IIM Raipur and is provisionally found to be qualified must present the mark sheet and degree certificate from the bachelor's degree final-year exam taken on or before June 30, 2023. The mark sheet and certificate must be submitted by December 31, 2023.

IIM Raipur Admission Application Process 2023: How to Apply?

Two steps are involved in submitting an application for admission to an Executive MBA program from IIM Raipur in 2023. The first is to apply for the CAT 2022, which IIM Raipur will use to determine whether to consider you for the next admissions round. The second is to register separately for the IIM-CAP 2023 to be considered for IIM Raipur admission in 2023. Let's examine each stage in detail:

Step 1: The registration period for CAT 2022 opened on August 3, 2022. At the deadline of September 14, 2022, candidates must submit their applications for CAT 2022. The essential components of the IIM Raipur CAT 2022 admissions application process are listed below:

  • For IIM Raipur Admission 2023, registration and application for CAT 2022 are required.

  • You must choose IIM Raipur PGP and the interview city on page 4 of the CAT 2022 application.

Step 2: After the CAT 2022 exam results are announced in January 2023, the Common Admission Procedure (CAP) enrollment period will start. To participate in the PI-WAT procedure, register for the CAP round at the official IIM CAP website.

IIM Raipur Admission Criteria 2023: Exam Accepted, Selection Process

IIM Raipur Admission 2023 is a five-stage process:

Stage-I: IIM Raipur Shortlisting Criteria 2023

IIM Raipur will use the following criteria to shortlist candidates for the final selection round:

  • Maximum weight is given to the CAT 2022 score in the IIM Raipur Admission Criteria shortlisting for the final selection.

  • The candidate's scores in the three CAT 2022 components - Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Verbal and Reading Comprehension - must have met a minimum sectional percentile of 70. (VRC).

  • A candidate must have obtained a minimum CAT 2022 overall percentile score of 92.

  • The candidate will only be considered for shortlisting for the final selection stage if they achieve the minimum required percentile on the CAT 2022.

  • The IIM Raipur Admission Committee decides the number of applicants shortlisted for the PA round based on the criteria specified for each category.

  • All candidates shortlisted for the PA procedure must participate in PI-WAT, which all participating IIMs use.

Stage-2: Final Entrance Procedure at IIM Raipur: CAP Round.

  • For consideration for admission to any Executive MBA program from IIM Raipur, all selected candidates must participate in the Personal Appearance (PA) round.

  • Personal Interviews (PI) and Written Ability Tests comprise the final selection round for admission to IIM Raipur in 2023. (WAT).

  • All IIMs taking part in the Common Admission Procedure (CAP) 2023 will share the final selection PA round for admission to IIM Raipur. 

Stage-3: Final selection list for IIM Raipur based on CAT score, CAP score, and other factors.

  • The candidate's WAT and PI scores from CAP 2023 will be considered when creating the final merit list.

  • The final stage of admission to IIM Raipur awards a weight of 35% to the CAT 2022 Score (Scaled to 100), 35% to the Personal Interview (PI), and 30% to the writing ability test (WAT), academic performance, diversity, and work experience.

  • The WAT and PI components may both have a minimum cut-off. Applicants will only be considered for the merit list if they get a specified minimum score on the WAT and PI. IIM Raipur will choose the minimal scores at its discretion.

Stage-4: Provisional Admission Offer for the MBA 2023–25 class. 

After compiling the final merit list in the last week of April/first week of May 2023, IIM Raipur will send a provisional admission offer to the shortlisted candidates' registered email addresses. To prevent your application's cancellation, you must accept the admission offer online and pay the admission money by the deadline.

Stage-5: Applying to the MBA 2023–25 program.

IIM Raipur will inform you and send you a notification asking you to attend to the campus so you may finish the joining procedures. The start of the academic year is anticipated during the first week of July.

The Bottom Line

Many young students want to take the CAT and apply for admission to IIM Raipur to study for an MBA. Still, they are in their second or third year of receiving a bachelor's degree and are therefore ineligible this year. However, they can apply for IIM Raipur admission in 2024 through the CAT 2023. IIM Raipur's admission policy has stayed the same for the past two to three years, and the admissions procedure for 2024 is anticipated to follow a similar pattern. It would help if you started your CAT preparation now, and by the time you are eligible to take the exam in 2023, you will have finished a sizable portion of it. This will help you perform well on the exam and increase your chances of admission to IIM Raipur in 2024.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India founded IIM Raipur in 2010 in Raipur, the Chhattisgarh state capital. With its abundant mineral, forestry, and local resources, Chhattisgarh is one of India's states with the fastest rising populations.

Atal Nagar in Naya Raipur is now home to IIM Raipur's new 200-acre campus. It used to run out of the Raipur Government Engineering College Campus. The Chhattisgarh government gave the IIM Raipur campus more than 200 acres of land in Naya Raipur. The new campus is a cutting-edge facility that offers a beautiful fusion of contemporary architecture, Chhattisgarh culture, and legacy.

We hope the information in this article about top offerings from IIM Raipur helped you decide to apply for an MBA in 2023. You can now apply for admission to IIM Raipur through the CAT 2022 program.

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