What is IIM executive MBA? How to choose the right MBA?

What is IIM executive MBA? How to choose the right MBA?

Are you stuck in the same position for a long time? Do you want to boost your career and progress quickly? Are you willing to spend time studying while working? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then what you need is to join an IIM executive MBA course and acquire all the latest management skills. Unless you keep pace with the recent developments in management, it is not possible to move forward in your career. The only thing that can keep you ahead of others is an executive MBA certification from a reputed institution.

The Post-Graduate Programme In HRM is an excellent management course for those who want to move forward in their career as human resource management experts. More details about this course are available on our website. 

What Is An Executive MBA?

An executive MBA may not be much different from a regular MBA course. But what it does offer more than the other course is the experience and expertise that the participants bring to the program. This course is purely meant for managers with at least five years of experience and who are already in a managerial position or an entrepreneur. The course is aimed at making working professionals updated with the latest techniques and tools used in management. Studying executive MBA in IIM helps them adapt to the changing business environment and stay competitive in the job market. 

As these courses are meant for working professionals, the classes are mostly held in the evenings and on weekends. Many people today prefer to work for a few years and join the executive MBA courses because it helps them relate the lessons to their work. Many companies also sponsor their employees for these courses as it equips them with the latest skills. Most of these courses are of shorter duration than regular MBA courses. But the benefits they offer are much greater. Joining an IIM executive MBA course gets the participant more job opportunities in large companies. 

Difference Between MBA And EMBA

Executive MBA, or EMBA as it is called, differs from conventional MBA courses in many aspects. The first difference is in the people who join the course. Unlike in the MBA course, where people fresh from college join the course, participants in an executive MBA course come with many years of experience. Most institutions demand that the participants must be working in a managerial position. As these people come with a lot of experience, the discussions that take place in the executive MBA in IIM are much different from MBA classes. 

Another key difference is in the curriculum. While an ordinary MBA program teaches the basics of management, the executive MBA courses touch mainly upon the nuance of business management. They leave the basics out of the topics as the participants are already experienced. EMBA students are trying to polish their existing skills or learn new skills aimed at upgrading their capabilities. In conventional MBA courses, students learn basic skills. Another difference is in the way the course is delivered. Executive MBA courses like the IIM executive MBA are delivered online to devices, while regular MBA courses are taught on campus. 

Who Benefits From The Executive MBA Programmes?

Executive MBAs are meant for professionals who have put in at least five years of experience. It helps them in learning new skills that are essential for moving forward in their careers. These courses are good for working professionals because they are available online after office hours and on weekends. 

Employed people need not break their careers to attend these courses. Executive MBA courses teach the latest skills and techniques needed for managers to move forward in their careers. The executive MBA in IIM is also suitable for entrepreneurs who want to learn management skills.

Advantages Of Attending Executive MBA Courses

1. Offers New Challenges And Learning Experiences

The executive MBA programmes are meant for those who have already put in many years of service. They have already faced regular problems in their work and know how to handle them. These EMBA programs teach them about new challenges and the solutions for the same because the faculty is made up of highly experienced professionals who have practical knowledge. Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures provides the participants in the IIM executive MBA courses with a new learning experience. Discussions with their peers help the students learn new perspectives on business. 

2. Aids Career Change

These programs are not just meant to teach the participants new skills or techniques in management. They also spark new interests in the students. As you meet people from different backgrounds, industries, and regions, you will learn about various new industries and opportunities. Those who feel they need a career change can get all information about different industries when they interact with their peers. Attendees of the executive MBA in IIM will start viewing the corporate world with a new perspective, and this can motivate them to move to another industry. 

3. Apply Skills To The Job Immediately

When you attend a conventional MBA course, you must wait till you finish the course and join employment to apply the skills you have learned. But in an EMBA course, you can try the skills in your job immediately. You can test the solutions you have learned immediately in your job and see how they work. Discussions with your peers and faculty can result in finding innovative solutions for the challenges you face at work. You can use them in your company and also show the management what you have learned in the program. The IIM executive MBA is an excellent program to acquire practical knowledge. 

4. Acquire Soft Skills

Most people who have the technical knowledge and years of experience working in a company can lack the soft skills that are essential for a management position. As you move up the corporate ladder, it is essential to become proficient in soft skills like communication, empathy, active listening, negotiation, etc. These skills are necessary for getting maximum productivity from your team. Empathy is a quality that helps you become closer to your employees and earn their confidence. Communication is a highly essential skill when you become a manager. The executive MBA in IIM is an ideal program to acquire these capabilities.

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5. Learn From The Best

Executive MBA is a course meant for working professionals who already possess knowledge of various management methods and techniques. The participants in these courses are highly experienced and possess various skills. These courses aim to equip them with the latest skills and familiarise them with the latest management techniques and modern real-life issues. This needs the faculty to be highly qualified and updated with the latest techniques and tools. They also bring with them many years of practical experience. The IIM executive MBA facilitates participants to learn from the best minds in the country. 

6. Building A Network

Having a wide network of like-minded professionals is very useful for managers and entrepreneurs. Developing contacts in different parts of the world helps you find new markets. These contacts can also help you find the best logistics solutions for new areas that you are exploring. Interacting with professionals from different backgrounds helps you find new markets for your products. The other big advantage of having a large network is that you can learn about new opportunities in different industries. Attending the executive MBA in IIM helps aspiring entrepreneurs to know about different industries and the market potential of different products.

7. Become Better Leaders

Leadership is different from management. Leaders must possess certain qualities that are not found in all managers. Leaders must inspire their team members to function on their own to achieve the team's goals. There are also many other qualities, like empathy, conflict resolution, innovative thinking, etc., that leaders must possess. Attending executive MBA courses will enable the participants to acquire these qualities. Those who want to move to higher managerial positions will benefit greatly by attending the IIM executive MBA course, as it teaches them leadership skills. 

You can get all the above benefits from the Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM offered by IIM Raipur. More details about this course are available on our website. Let us see what skills you will learn by attending executive MBA courses. 

Skills You Learn From Executive MBA Courses

1. Communication

Communication is an essential skill for any professional. But it is all the more important for people in leadership positions. It is a skill that helps to give and receive information. This skill prevents messages from being misunderstood by others. Having good communication skills firstly enables you to build good relationships with everyone. It is quite common knowledge that maintaining good relationships is vital for people in leadership roles. It helps build trust and improves teamwork. When you learn good communication skills at the executive MBA in IIM, you develop a team with better productivity.

Better communication leads to faster resolution of conflicts. Most disputes happen because of misunderstanding what one person has said to the other. When you have mastered communication you can help those involved in the conflict by explaining what each was saying to the other. When you are a good communicator, you start earning the trust of people. Your messages are more authentic, and this leads people to trust you. This is very important when communicating with people outside the company, especially your customers and vendors. Learning communication in the IIM executive MBA course also helps you submit reports with more clarity to your superiors. 

2. Confidence

Many managers at various levels lack the confidence to handle higher responsibilities. This is because they have not had practical experience handling modern business problems. Attending the executive MBA in IIM helps develop this important quality. Those with low confidence think more about the failures they have had in their professional life. But when you build confidence, you experience less anxiety about failing. This quality helps you think more positively, and it helps you take bold steps in your job without any fear. You are more likely to stretch your abilities and try new things. 

People with self-confidence also fail. But they don't get depressed about failing. They are more resilient and use such experiences to avoid mistakes. Such people realize that even if they fail, they can handle the situation and move forward. When you become resilient, you are bold to try again till you succeed. Another important benefit of developing confidence is that you build better relationships. Self-confidence gives you the strength to stay above comparison and feel relaxed around your colleagues and subordinates. The confidence you develop by attending an executive MBA in IIM will be visible to others and inspire them to also be bold and confident. 

3. Analytical Thinking

When you develop analytical thinking capabilities by enrolling in EMBA courses, you start making logical and rational decisions. It is very important for professional life as your decisions will consider facts instead of depending on guesswork or gut feeling. You weigh the facts and ask questions before taking a step toward any action. It will ensure that your actions will lead to success. Another big advantage of gaining analytical thinking quality from the IIM executive MBA courses is that you can correctly evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns. Successful campaigns are crucial for a company's success. 

Analytical thinking helps you plan your work properly. You can assess the importance of various tasks and prioritize them on that basis. It helps you complete all your important tasks and ensure the achievement of objectives. Another big advantage of this skill is that it helps you use valuable resources like money effectively. Companies are never flooded with resources, and they need to be used correctly to achieve company goals. Analytical thinking can help in bringing order and control to complex situations. Attending an executive MBA in IIM helps you break down the impact of various issues. 

4. Problem-Solving

There is no denying the fact that everyone needs problem-solving skills in both their professional and personal lives. But many people don't possess this and take a long time to solve issues at work. The IIM executive MBA program teaches how to approach different problems and solve them quickly. Having this quality helps you greatly in getting over difficult situations and ensures that work progresses smoothly. Solving problems quickly gives you more free time for innovative thinking. You can make better decisions when you have time to think and plan. 

Employers like to see this quality in their employees because it helps in completing tasks quickly. Better problem-solving skills also help you prioritize and execute strategies effectively. Another big advantage of possessing this skill is that you can make your team more productive. You can solve their problems quickly and ensure that they complete their tasks on time. It will improve their productivity greatly and make your work easy. Acquiring this skill at the executive MBA in IIM helps you predict future risks and take necessary steps to mitigate their effects on achieving company goals.

5. Accountability

Being accountable is very important in life. It is even more crucial in your professional life. Employers like workers who are accountable for their actions. When you are accountable, your bosses know that you will never make any decisions in haste. They know that you will stand by your decisions and take complete responsibility for your results. Another reason why being accountable is important is that it helps you earn the trust of your subordinates. They know that you will stand by your decisions and support them once an action has been taken. An IIM executive MBA course helps you become more accountable.

Accountability makes you more careful in making decisions. You know that you must take ownership of all your actions, and this will automatically make you care about what you do. Such a quality helps you become a responsible person. It also makes you realize the value of hard work because you can never let your work go to waste. Accountability results in lesser conflicts. Most disputes arise when people shift the blame to someone else. An accountable person will never shift the blame, and it reduces conflicts. Companies like such people have acquired this quality from the executive MBA in IIM. 

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6. Team Building

Team building is an important activity for all leaders. They must make sure that they have a cohesive team if they want to be successful in their job. People in a team come from different backgrounds, and this makes it difficult to make them work together. When you learn team-building skills at the IIM executive MBA program, it helps you keep your people together and get them to work as a single force. When you build a team that works as one, you are making your job easier because there will be no difference of opinion about the tasks they must complete. 

Having a team that supports each other automatically goes on to increase productivity. As each member supports the other, work will be completed faster and more efficiently. It will increase their productivity. A team that performs well will also have good morale. Employees with high morale create a positive work environment. Team building activities also help in building trust among the team members. Such trust is essential for them to work as a group. You can identify the strengths and weaknesses of different members when you do team-building activities.

Benefits Of Online Learning

1. Work While You Learn

The main advantage of joining an online course is that it allows you to work even while you study. These courses are conducted during evenings or weekends. You don't have to sacrifice your career to learn new skills. You can attend the classes from anywhere convenient to you. As the timings are after office hours, your office work will not suffer. You need not worry about losing your position to others in the company as you will continue to perform your tasks as required. You can attend the executive MBA in IIM without taking a break from your work. 

2. Learn At Your Convenience

Though most of the online courses may require you to attend live classes, the other lessons will be sent to you as recorded versions. You can listen to them at any time that is convenient for you. There will also be a lot of reading material that you can read on your devices, even when commuting to the office. You don't have to visit campus during any specific time like in a regular course. You also don't have to waste your valuable time traveling to the college daily. When you join the IIM executive MBA, you can access their library at any time and make use of them for your work. 

3. Study At A Reduced Cost

Most executive MBA courses in regular colleges cost very high. But when you attend an online course, it costs you much less. It is because the institution doesn't spend any money on infrastructure for these courses. They don't need classrooms or furniture for conducting online courses. Another way in which the participants save money is by traveling. They don't need to travel to the campus, which can be very expensive if they are staying far from the college. Attending the executive MBA in IIM will save money on other aspects like lodging and food. 

There are many advantages to studying online and this is especially beneficial for working professionals. The Executive Post-Graduate Programme In HRM is an excellent online course for those aspiring to move to higher positions in the human resource department. More details about this course are available on our website. 

Summing Up

When you have put in many years of work in a company and don't see any chance of career advancement, then it is time to join a program that equips you with the latest skills. An online executive MBA course is ideal because you can acquire all the capabilities needed for a senior manager position in this course. As this program is available online, you don't have to take a break from your work. You can continue to work while studying and specializing in subjects that are most relevant to your job. 

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