IIM Executive MBA: Courses, Campuses and Fees

IIM Executive MBA: Courses, Campuses and Fees

IIM Executive MBA: Courses, Campuses and Fees

An executive MBA, or an EMBA, is a post-graduate degree that provides working individuals with adequate management education. They are designed for professionals in the workforce who want to further their career objectives by strengthening their managerial and leadership skills. Although an MBA degree is required for mid-level and senior-level jobs in management, Executive MBA is quickly becoming popular with working professionals from various domains. Nearly all MBA schools in India provide full- or part-time Executive MBA programmes. You may learn everything about the Executive MBA programmes offered by the IIMs through this website, including the requirements, curriculum, costs, and placement information.

Eligibility Criteria For IIM Executive MBA

The following requirements must be met for candidates to be considered for the EMBA programmes provided by the IIMs:

  1. The applicants should have a bachelor's degree and at least 10 + 2 + 3 years of college.
  2. They must have a cumulative grade point average of 50%.
  3. They must be employed or running their own business when applying.
  4. They should have at least three to eight years of job experience.
  5. Students must have passed the CAT, XAT, GMAT, GRE, and other pertinent admission exams with a legitimate score.

Why Consider Executive MBA for Higher Studies

An executive MBA has several advantages, and IIMs around the nation offer the best educational resources. The following are some advantages of an executive MBA (EMBA):

  1. Leadership qualities: The executive MBA programme prepares future leaders. It improves management, business savvy, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities.
  2. Establishing a professional network: The executive MBA programme aids students in creating a solid professional network that will serve as a bridge to major corporations after graduation. A professional network will give the candidates a head start if they launch their firm.
  3. Flexibility: Working while enrolled in an Executive MBA programme is an option for applicants. The freedom has also grown because of executive MBA online.
  4. Soft skills: The EMBA courses place a lot of emphasis on enhancing the applicants' soft skills. Soft talents include effective communication, self-assurance, observation, attentive listening, and empathic conduct.
  5. Career Transition: Making the switch to a generalist If you're a working professional looking to change careers, an executive MBA is the best option for you. It teaches the principles of every discipline, including accounting, marketing, human resources, and strategy.
  6. Learning from the best: Applicants may only select from the top-ranked universities for their executive MBA training programmes. The top professors, faculty, and practitioners with years of professional expertise may be found at these universities. The frameworks, ideas, and studies are used to teach the concepts. As a result, it highlights the difficulties and failures organisations and their management face in the actual world.

IIM Executive MBA Programmes

The Executive MBA programmes provided by the 14 IIMs, the requisite work experience for admission, and course costs are listed below. Executive MBA programmes have yet to be introduced at IIM Jammu, IIM Bodhgaya, IIM Nagpur, IIM Sirmaur, and IIM Jammu.

The following sentences pertain to additional distinctive characteristics and requirements for EMBA in IIMs:

  1. IIMA has a 25-year-old minimum age requirement for MBA-PGPX applicants.
  2. At its location in Noida, IIML provides the Executive MBA programmes (WMP & IPMX).
  3. IIM Calcutta and IIM Shillong, in contrast to other IIMs, require that applicants have a valid GMAT score obtained within three years of the application date. Moreover, IIM Kashipur only considers CAT/GMAT scores from the past two years.
  4. These courses are funded and distributed through online or interactive learning environments.
  5. Most IIMs provide a variety of other specialised senior management courses for professionals from diverse businesses in addition to the major courses mentioned above.

Top IIM Executive MBA courses in detail

1. Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad: E-Mode Post Graduate Programme (ePGP) in management, a two-year Master's degree programme given on an interactive technology platform, is offered by IIM Ahmedabad (with the added flexibility of completion in 3 years). The ePGP's goal is to provide instruction on management to junior, middle, and senior-level business owners and working professionals looking for tactics and abilities to advance their firms.

2. Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta MBAEx: The IIM Calcutta Executive MBA programme, also known as MBAEx or MBA for Executives, is a one-year full-time residential programme. Anyone in an executive position with more than five years of relevant work experience is eligible to apply for this programme. There will be two selection rounds for admission to the MBAEx programme at IIM Calcutta.

3. PGPEX-VLM (Visionary Leadership in Manufacturing): The one-year, full-time, residential PGPEX-VLM programme includes a manufacturing focus that aids candidates in understanding the industry's transformation. Three prestigious Indian universities, IIM Calcutta, IIT Madras, and IIT Kanpur, jointly host PGPEX-VLM.

4. Post-Graduate Programme for Working Executives (PGPWE): A two-year Post-graduate Programme in Management for Working Executives, or PGPWE, is offered by IIM Lucknow at its NOIDA location. The PGPWE programme at IIM Lucknow is specially created for business owners, professionals, and employed executives. The Working Managers' Programme, or WMP, was the last name for this programme.

5. International Programme in Management for Executives: At its NOIDA location, IIM Lucknow provides the International Programme in Management for Executives, also known as IPMX or a One-Year MBA. IPMX is a residential programme that lasts one year and is primarily intended for middle- and senior-level professionals. IPMX began in 2008 and has earned accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

6. Executive MBA from IIM Indore: The PGPMX, a two-year, alternate-weekend Post Graduate Programme in Management for Working Executives, is another programme IIM Indore offers. For working executives and company owners who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to join their respective organisations as transformative leaders and inventive solution creators, PGPMX was established exclusively for them. The course is presented on the premises of the Institutions in Downtown Belapur, Navi Mumbai. 

7. Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode: EPGP in Management by IIM Kozhikode, a two-year Master's programme in management offered by IIM Kozhikode, is offered on the Interactive Learning (IL) platform. With a cutting-edge curriculum, the 750-hour EPGP allows working executives to lead in the knowledge economy.

8. Master in Business Administration for Professionals: IIM Shillong's Master's Degree programme is only available to employed executives. Helping in-service professionals improve their professional skills and expertise is the major goal of the Masters in Business Management (Working Executives) programme. Classes for the Master of Business Administration (Working Executives) will be held in Guwahati on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

9. PGPEx for Managing Business in Emerging Economies (MBEE): IIM Shillong previously created PGPEx-MBIC, a challenging programme that introduced working managers to the transnational management philosophy. It was the first Post-Graduate Program for Executives (Managing Business in India and China). The Post Graduate Program for Executives (Managing Business in Emerging Economies), or PGPEx-MBEE, is now offered by IIM Shillong and has a wider focus on sustainable business possibilities in Emerging Markets.

10. Executive MBA from IIM Raipur: An Executive Post Graduate Program in Human Resource Management (EPGP in HRM) is currently offered at IIM Raipur. The 1000+ hours of teaching for this course is spaced out across twenty-four months, which should ideally be arranged to include fortnightly weekends. These include Project Training, Industry Dissertation, Rural/International Immersion, On-Campus Courses, and Project Training and Industry Dissertation.

11. Executive MBA from IIM Ranchi: The ninth IIM in India, IIM Ranchi, opened its doors in Ranchi in 2010. Presently, PGEXP, a comprehensive two-year post-graduate programme, is the only executive programme offered by IIM Ranchi.

12. Executive PG Diploma Programme in Management: The IIM Rohtak's one-year Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (ePGPx) emphasises developing excellent leadership skills while focusing on a broad management perspective and practical knowledge.

13. Sports Management Executive Postgraduate Diploma: For sports graduates, seasoned professionals, and sports fans, IIM Rohtak also launched a speciality programme in "Sports Management" called the Executive Post Graduation Diploma In Sports Management in addition to ePGPx. Six two-year terms make up the Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Sports Management. There are six required on-campus courses (Offline Sessions at IIM Rohtak campus). Moreover, online sessions are scheduled thrice weekly every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

14. Executive MBA from IIM Trichy: For working executives, the Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management offers a two-year general management curriculum. Candidates who complete the ePGP are awarded an MBA degree. 

15. One-Year MBA Global Supply Chain Management: Two options are available for the Supply Chain Management programme at IIM Udaipur. MBA-GSCM or MBA in Global Supply Chain Management, a one-year full-time residential programme IIM Udaipur offers. It offers a strong foundation in management principles and a deep speciality in GSCM. 

Option 1 - Attend Purdue University for a complete semester in the United States.

Option 2 - A course in India with a two-week foreign component and a focus on supply chain management

One-Year MBA Digital Enterprise Management: A one-year programme offered by IIM Udaipur called MBA-DEM is organised on five major pillars to provide applicants with a unique learning environment. Three modules make up the MBA-DEM framework.

16. Executive MBA from IIM Nagpur: The executive programmes of IIM Nagpur award certificates to all attendees. Applicants can apply for the executive education programmes provided by IIM Nagpur by contacting the institution by phone, email, mail, or courier. IIM Nagpur currently provides the following options 

Customized Programs

  1. Programs with Open Enrollment
  2. Executive MBA from IIM Sambalpur: The PGPX programme will shortly begin at IIM Sambalpur as a part of executive education. The same's specifics will shortly be updated. 
  3. Executive MBA from IIM Jammu: Offering MDP and FDP programmes at IIM Jammu. IIM Jammu's Management Development Programmes (MDP) offer working executives up-to-date management theories and methods and insights into managerial concepts and strategies. Together with e-MDPs, there are open MDPs and Sponsored MDPs. In contrast, IIM Jammu's Faculty Development Programme (FDP) is a residential programme designed to provide professional development for faculty members at institutes of higher learning in management. The FDP is intended for management educators and researchers employed by management schools, colleges, universities, and professional organisations.

FAQs Related To IIM Executive MBA

Q.1 Which IIM Executive MBA programme is the best?

Ans Compared to other IIMs' Executive MBA programmes, those given by IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Calcutta are valued higher.

Q.2 What qualifications are needed to receive an Executive MBA from an IIM?

Ans To enrol in an IIM's Executive MBA programme, applicants must hold a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 10 + 2 + 3 years of education. They ought to have between two and five years' worth of work experience.

Q.3 Does the CAT score count towards IIMs' Executive MBA programmes?

Ans CAT scores are accepted for admission to IIMs' Executive MBA programmes. For Executive MBA, the IIMs also accept GMAT and GRE scores. For admission to the Executive MBA programme, certain IIMs also have separate written exams.

Q.4 Does an Executive MBA require prior work experience?

Ans Work experience is necessary for an executive MBA. It is advised to have two to three years of work experience before applying to an IIM's Executive MBA programme.

Q.5 How much does an Executive MBA cost at IIMs?

Ans The cost of an executive MBA at an IIM might range from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 28 lakh. The difference in pricing is due to the cost of the institutes' offered overseas immersion programmes.

Q.6 How are classes conducted in programmes leading to an Executive MBA?

Ans Classes are held on Monday through Friday for full-time Executive MBA programmes and on weekends for part-time Executive MBA programmes.

Q.7 I achieved GMAT success. Can I apply to the IIMs for an executive MBA?

Ans You can apply to the IIMs' Executive MBA programmes since they accept GMAT scores for admission. You must, however, confirm the length of the GMAT score's validity for the IIM where you plan to enrol in the programme.

Q. 8 Does IIM Ahmedabad's Executive MBA programme give placements?

Ans Indeed, IIM Ahmedabad's Executive MBA programme offers placements. The average wage offer for the class of 2020 was Rs 33 lakh per year, while the maximum salary offer was Rs 81 lakh per year.

Q.9 What distinguishes an MBA from an Executive MBA?

Ans The standard classroom-based MBA programme runs full-time from Monday through Friday, with lectures taking up all student's daytime hours. On the other hand, an executive MBA is a postgraduate management course created especially for working professionals, with flexible (weekend or evening) lectures that allow them to continue working concurrently.

Q. 10 What is superior? Executive MBA or MBA?

Ans The normal MBA programme is advised for recent graduates, while the Executive MBA programme is better suited for professionals with up to five years of professional experience. A person's career can benefit greatly from both courses. The choice, of course, must consider the student's position, needs, and qualifications.

Q.11 What are the various Executive MBA programmes that IIMs offer?

Ans The IIMs provide a variety of Executive MBA programmes, including full-time programmes lasting a year and part-time programmes, including weekend seminars.


You can advance your domestic and international career by taking an IIM Executive MBA programme at a prestigious IIM like Raipur. In the case of part-time programmes, candidates keep working, and placements are typically not provided. Yet obtaining an Executive MBA degree unquestionably opens up more prospects for them globally and bigger promotions. 

An executive MBA, or an EMBA, is a post-graduate degree that provides working individuals with adequate management education. They are designed for professionals in the workforce who want to further their career objectives by strengthening their managerial and leadership skills. Although an MBA degree is required for mid-level and senior-level jobs in management, Executive MBA is quickly becoming popular with working professionals from various domains. Nearly all MBA schools in India provide full- or part-time Executive MBA programmes. You may learn everything about the Executive MBA programmes offered by the IIMs through this website, including the requirements, curriculum, costs, and placement information.



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